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In an effort to stay in and recover my mind, body, soul, liver, etc from being out tooooo much, I took last night off from everything. No work, no gym, no party, no anything!! What I did do was catch up on a huge stack of paper work at home (I know, fun, right?), balance all of my accounts and plan out my expenses for the next month.

Ok, so that really wasn't fun, but to top that I caught an episode of Top Chef followed by HOURS of playing Need For Speed Carbon. I know, the new Need For Speed Undercover is already out, but I just picked up Carbon on sale ($50 my a$$, I'll take $15 any day!!) for the Wii and was trying to make a dent in the game. I don't know why it is, but playing with two separate controllers at the same time really made me feel soooo much more in the game, but it did. This game is basically the same Need For Speed formula as every other need for speed game, the addition is that you have cops to play with. Think grand theft auto, minus the bazooka to blow them up. For $15... deff a good purchase!! I'm looking forward to playing some more and I bet my liver is looking forward to it too!


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