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Inspired by a discussion that I had with a friend of mine a few weeks back, I've been thinking about some cars that I've loved over the years. As the new models come out, some have gone on to be beautiful others have been destroyed by curves gone wrong or just killed by their manufacturer. Either way, here's a list of 9 vehicles that are worth taking a good look at if you come across one in a used market. The list is in order of Sedans (Sd), then Coupes(C), then SUV's(Sv). With in each list, the order is oldest to new est. None of these vehicles are brand new, but all of them are bad a$$ in their own right!

You should be able to pick up almost everyone of these for under $20k if you can find them. Please note, I haven't listed my Jeep on here b/c I currently have it. So, these would be vehicles in addition to the Jeep.

Sd1. 2003 Acura TL Type-S Have you met me? I used to own this car, and it was quite possibly one of my favorite cars that I've ever had. Smooth gearbox (yes, it's an auto.. grrr) with quick shifting combined with a rev happy engine made for the second fastest production Acura of all time (in 2003). The interior was very comfortable, great for long trips. This is one of the only times I've ever seen black wood trim and I loved it!
Sd2. 2003 BMW M5 The ultimate in sleepers! With a big bad a$$ 5.0L V8 & 6 speed manual gear box this little treasure can smoke just about any rice racer off the line but it still has plenty of manners to take your boss to the airport.
Sd3. 2004 Volvo S60 Type-R Yet another little bad a$$ sleeper. Who'da thunk it? Volvo dumped an all wheel drive set up, mated it to a 6 speed manual gear box, put on a stronger turbo over the rest of their line, yet didn't bother to make much in the way of changes to the exterior. Grocery getter that smokes you off the line every time but still has plenty of creature comforts to keep you happy for a daily driver.
C1. 1999 Honda Civic Si Since Day 1, Honda has been a HUGE player in the Japanese import scene. Think NOPI Nationals, or Super Street, or Fast & the Furious. The Si Line started out small in the mid 80's but now rages on strong with the first ever 4 door Si model. The 1999 Civic Si ushered in a new color, Si Blue, and a whole lot of fun for not too much money.
C2. 1998 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Targa OMG... In 1998, this car DOMINATED the streets. This was the bad a$$ of bad a$$' much like the new Nissan Skyline GTR is today. Those that know, understand I am NOT a fan of Toyota for the most part... but I wouldn't pass up one of these in my drive way. One of the few cars where the Moon Raker like spoiler actually does something. I'm not sure why Toyota pulled this car from the states, but the people that still have one of these generally hold on to it.The ultimate in sleepers. With a big bad a$$ 5.0L V8 & 6 speed manual gear box this little treasure can smoke just about any rice racer off the line but it still has plenty of manners to take your boss to the airport.
C3. 1996 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 Spyder When I was 16, this car first made it's appearance on the market. One of the first Hard top convertibles in the US market, but also mated to all wheel drive twin turbo's and one of the shortest throw's b/t gears I've ever driven! I got to take one of these guys out for a spin when they first came out... and I've never felt a car that WANTED to take off more then this one! Clearly, I wouldn't want it in white... But it's also a little hottie in black on black!
Sv1. 1997 GMC Yukon 2-door 4wd The end of an era brings in the GMC Yukon 2 door and it's sister truck the 2door K5 Blazer. This two door line of trucks came about in the early 80's (I think). Take everything that is good about the Suburban, then Chop out a row of seating to shrink it to a Tahoe, then chop out a set of doors to shrink it even further to the 2 door Yukon. Same big boy engine, shift on the fly transfer case, and a short wheel base makes for an excellent go anywhere truck. Also perfect when complimented with a ski/board rack on top with a couple friends in the back seat.
Sv2. 2003 Land Rover Range Rover HSE No hidden secrets here, it's just a big fat plush luxury SUV. The ride is amazing and the power is excellent thanks to BOSCH engine management. I believe 2003 was the year the new Landrover got those big bad BMW engines for their power plant. Also, the first year of the redesign.
Sv3. 2003 Land Rover Discovery HSE I used to have this truck in the 1996 body style, conveniently the last year you could find it in a manual transmission in the states. The 2003 body is the last year of the true discovery (I believe this happend in 2003 not 2004) in my eyes before LR ditched this beauty and went to the LR3. 2 sunroofs, tri-zone climate control, rows of stadium seating get you from point A to where the hell ever you might want to go in comfort. Might I suggest scrapping the Michelin LTX's that come stock on it for some tires with a little more meat on the tread.
Any older cars/trucks/SUV's that you miss? Perhaps your neighbor or HS sweetheart had something you loved dearly? Would love to hear it.

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