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Happy Holiday's from the Pocono's!!

Merry Christmas (if applicable) and Happy New Years to everyone!! As you may well know, I've been travelin a whole lot. That means when I'm back, not a ton of spare time to write. I'm sorry, I've been a slacker. So, let's just do a brief recap. The holiday's have been nice. Did the whole family bit for xmas morning. My mom, grandfather (the one still alive of course) and I opened presents, chatted and tried to make a nice breakfast. My big present was a Roomba! I know, how big of a nerd am I that I got excited about a vacuum for xmas?!?!? Well, my house has much much less dust bunnies in it, so I'm pretty psyched!

My mom was the big winner this year. She cleaned up with a new wide screen NAV for her car, wireless keyboard/laser mouse combo from Logitech, a new Toaster Oven with top loading feature. We got all excited and made toast!! Ha! My grandfather got a few nice items, but it was deff my mom that did the best!

That evening, it's time to take it to the Hash. I hafta go, I'm one of the hares. Well, I'm the GM, Hare, & Brew Crew tonight. It's a quiet night so not to difficult. Despite the cold, we have a decent turn out. Good hot cider check in front of quite possibly the tackiest house in the area!! They even had a troop of Santa's working out in the front yard on fitness equipment!! ha! Ending circle in the back room @ Buff D's = Good times!! I was in a bit of a holiday funk (or possibly still hungover from partying with the wait staff the night before) so I took it to the house early.

After resting all day Friday (ok so maybe I did some lunch and some shopping... hush!), and getting a good nights sleep I woke at the a$$ crack of dawn to get myself together for an awesome day of snowboarding!! The initial plan was Snowshoe mountain, but the flip of a coin changed that up to Camelback PA in the Pocono's. The trip up was lovely with good company and a BEAUTIFUL chariot by the name of an LR Discover Series II.

Arriving at the resort finds some nice chilly conditions, and the crowds not being too out of control. One lift ticket later, and I'm on the slopes trying to get used to my new boots and bindings. Well, I do kinda hate my old boots so some new ones were in order!! The conditions, as I mentioned earlier, are juuuust right! The crowds aren't bad. The lift lines are short, I didn't wait more then 5 minutes to get on a lift more then once! The weather is great. It's just warm enough that you can get away with out a jacket, but cold enough that the snow isn't really melting too much. Maybe the base is just THAT deep that it's not affecting it!

I have a few good runs covering most of the mountain then check out the terrain park. This place has two, one huge one (by east coast standards) and an additional half pipe on the other side of the mountain. I spend the bulk of my time playing in the half pipe trying to get my balance right to launch off the lip of the pipe, catch a little air, then switch stance drop down into the pipe, up the other side and repeat. Sometimes this goes well, some times I wind up on my a$$. But you know what? I'm not one of those weenies sitting on the side wishing I was trying it, I'm doing!!

As the day winds down and it starts to get dark, I'm getting a bit tired from the beating I've been taking from the half pipe. I've made progress today, some good air, my turns on the snow have gotten stronger, getting better at switching stances up to a 720 at decent speeds, all in all, it's been a great day. Time to head on to get a bite and then a house party!! Stopping at Wawa, I eat one of the most amazing sandwiches EVERY!! Such awesomeness that it will in fact get its own post! That's all I have to say about that!

I won't talk much of this house party, but I will say this... What a great group of people from all different age groups. There are activities, home made hooch tastings, an amazing spread of snacks, beers as far as the eye can see, and good times had by all. I got in on a few games of beer pong and tied the record for most wins in the house that night crushing the previews guys mercilessly!! What a great trip!

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Taye Diggs

Over the course of the past few years, a buddy of mine and I that don't get to see each other much but we deff keep in touch all the time from the various networking sites, email, and phone calls got together for another buddies wedding. I don't know how it happened, since I kinda hated this guy the first time I met him, but we've become amazing friends. As much as I'd like to think that I'm the Dr. Turk in this one, but he's got the steady girl friend that he lives with so it just fits that I'm JD in this one. So, over the course of the weekend, we kept saying this scene over and over again... and busted out laughing like it was the first time each time!! ha! Ok, so I'm a bit of a dork... bite me!


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A Flippin Good Time

This story, like many, is going to involve some good friends and some good times and some boozin. If you are bored by that, just check “Mark as read” in your reader and move on to my next post. If not, read on as it truly was a killer weekend!!

As you might have read, I broke my cruise control on my Jeep last weekend so I thought I’d rent a car for this trip. It’s not JUST b/c I busted my cruise control might I add. I don’t like to push it on the highway and eat up my knobby tires!! So, I got myself a Pontiac G6 GT. Nice little car, good stereo, good ride, the cruise control works! Trying to leave the city was a BEAR, but then again some Friday traffic and some rain will do that. All in all, from leaving my office, my commute took about 7+ hours. UGH!!

Arriving at the hotel… it’s ok. The room is surprisingly big with 2 double beds and a pull out couch. Nice, you can fit 6 in here with beds!! While I coulda deff used some Febreeze, it was not on hand. Note to self, bring Febreeze! I guess I’ve become a DC snot used to nice hotels and what not. Let’s move on with the night… My buddy and his girl pick me up and we head to the Rehearsal dinner already in progress. I don’t know about you, but EVERY rehearsal dinner I’ve ever been too has been very informal. This one… WTF? White cloth napkins..,. table tents and seating assignments… everyone in a shirt/tie? Ugh. Thanks for the heads up as I roll up in jeans and a party shirt! No biggie… we’ll just scale the class down to my level!! Mauahhaa!!! Outta no where, some styrofoam cups make an appearance and the first of many games of flip cup gets going! Ok, so the bar wasn’t thrilled with us for that one. Fine. We’ll stop.

The groom to be, a good buddy of mine, is grimacing over the fact that no one ate any of the tasty apple cobbler that was part of dinner. You know what? Screw ‘em!! We’ll take it with us to the bar! So there we sit pounding RBV’s, Jager Bomb’s, Cap’n & Diets with a whole pan of cobbler. Yum!! This plan is working brilliantly, until one of the wait staff distracts us for maybe 30 seconds, and the pan got lifted!!! DAMN YOU kitchen staff. I was about to eat that... Using the big spoon of course! =)

We partied a bit till the that was playing at the bar, (not bad actually, I just didn't recognize any of their music) took their first or second break and it was time to head out. We can't go home with out some snacks... Taco Bell Baby!! We pull up...

"May I help you?"

"Yes, I'd like THE why pay more menu please"

"Which Item?"

"All of them!!"

I ordered the entire freakin menu... why? Not sure, but I know I've always wanted to do it!! Now, we head back to the rooms to crash. My room, like I mentioned is surprisingly big. Do I crash on the beds? Nope, I go right for the couch!! Why? I dunno, just felt couchy. Now, I was SOUND asleep maybe 45 seconds after everyone left. I didn't hear my bberry go off asleep. The next thing I know, there came a wrap wrap wrapping at my chamber door. My buddy Moose (I don't usually use names, but this isn't really his name so it's all good) told me to get up b/c the groom and some people are coming over to party. Ugh, ok. I'm up. Always gotta rally for the groom!! Luckily, we prepared for this just in case with a couple (read.. case or so) beers in the fridge.

This would be the first time I've met the grooms friends, we will call them Waffle & Stone Cold for now. Why? Why not! Ha! At any rate, the 5 of us went on to play round after round of flip cup, a card game called horse race a couple times, annoy the crap out of the hotel staff for being rowdy, and in general just have a blast! It's what you do the day before a wedding!! I think some additional highlights include Waffle using the luggage cart as a skate board down the hall, all of us trying to block the door to keep the groom from trying to leave - this may have resulted in body slams for some of the guys as the groom is not a little boy!!

Awaking the next morning, by morning I mean noonish, in search of some food and a TON of water. KFC to the rescue!! We chow down and veg for a bit, but we just don't have much time b/c we have to be at the church NLT 430ish? Really? Ok, so we are all cleaned up and start tailgating a little for the wedding. It's just what we do and our way of showing support for our friends!! The ceremony is very nice although we got our wrists slapped by the wedding planner for trying to sign the guest book. That seems a little odd, but what ev. Great ceremony and it's on to the reception. Let's face it, people only come for the reception. The Ceremony is for the couples themselves. If I do end up married, I think I'll give some serious thought to running off somewhere fun, getting married and then just having a big kick a$$ reception when I get back. Do you know the cost of a wedding these days?!?!

The reception was very lovely. At a local country club with an actual live band. Nice. I just couldn't stop thinking Jon Lovitz in the wedding singer singing "Soooooooooooooophisticated Woman!!" But, the band was actually good. The libations were flowing freely far all. We thought we'd get a jump on the crowd by getting the table not only next to one of the kegs but right next to the wedding party!! That plan was awesome... until we realized that the wedding party wasn't actually gonna sit at any time!! Foiled again! No problems, we go to our trusty friend, Firefly, for some idea's. After draining that bottle, we made our own party. B/c hey, people weren't really dancing to the wedding singer. Taking over a square table right next to the keg, we get the flip cup going. And like a moth to a flame, the party flocks to us. Including bridesmaids who want to play. Sweet!!

The game rages on for many many rounds. We teach some people how to play, but ultimately it's me and moose against each other with who we can recruit. The best was the final match came down to the Bride vs. the Groom!! Yeah, the wedding photographer has all of that on camera! We managed to kick that keg with our little game, but have no fear as we have another!! Before we could float the next one, the reception is winding down. That doesn't mean those of us that stayed in the same hotel are done. NOT by a LONG SHOT!!!

You might find this hard to believe, but the after party went to my room. We stole a few chairs from another room and got the games going again along with some music running from my laptop through the rooms speakers. There was many rounds of Horse racing, a couple rounds of 3 man, and some Kings Cup (aka Circle of Death). Please don't be shocked, but there was even some more flip cup!! ha! At one point, I think we did a three way flip cup game!! Much fun was had by all, and I think everyone was outta the room by 4ish for a couple hours R&R before heading back the next day.

Waking up dragging a little, I tidy up and head to my car. A quick bite at Huddle House for me an Moose to get moving accompanied by many glasses of water were just what the Doctor ordered. We ran into Waffle & Stone cold (Who was still wearing the garter from the wedding!!) at the HH, exchanged phone numbers and said our good byes. What a great weekend and a great group of people!!

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Too Much

Dear Alcohol, we need to talk. Now, we've been good friends for the past 11 almost 12 years, but lately, I feel like we are spending a little too much time together. Don't get me wrong, you’re a great friend to me it's just that I feel the cost benefit ratio of hanging out with you is starting to change. For starters, you are getting more expensive over time, especially at bars. You are helping make me fat, occasionally forget details of events I attend, and sometimes I really think you are trying to kill me... Especially in the early hours of the next day! Quite frankly, the only thing getting skinny from you is my wallet!! I'm not trying to be mean to you, on the weekends we are deff cool!! Even the occasional happy hour is a great place for us to kick it, but on school nights I just don't think we should hang out a lot. I hope there are no hard feelings as I do enjoy our time together!


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As I was out yesterday doing a little happy hour hoppin on the orange line, one of my favorite activities (as always) was people watch. As usual, something entertaining always happens. As I'm sitting there minding my business, I start to see a discussion getting a little heated b/t Ex. Arlington Barbie (we shall call her ExAB) and Current (Asian Version) Arlington Barbie (we shall cal her CAB). The go back and forth a bit, one is crying the other one thinks she's a fool… usual stuff. As ExAB is crying CAB is offering her some grief counseling (not in a nice way) ExAB fires back with "I look better then you and I've had 4 kids!!" at which point CAB offers "Shouldn't you go have your 3/4 life crisis somewhere?"

Now, this interaction is comical for me b/c I literally have a girl wearing a size 0 calling a girl wearing a size 4(if that) a fatty. Ok, whatev. But what really got me chuckling is the bouncer in the back ground watching all this and staying very quiet. After ExAB storms out, all we hear is him saying outta nowhere "She's the exact reason I stopped dating white chicks!" While that comment is funny as hell at the time, it made me wonder... do white chicks have some stigma that I just didn't notice? If you know, please share with the class. Don't worry white chicks, there are still TONS of guys out there that think you are hot sh!t!! Myself included!

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I broke it!

I know my Jeep is tuff, you should that know by now too!! Well, it's official... it's out of warranty and I've broken something on it! The cruise control of all things? What? How does that even break? Well, it's mechanical which means it can be broken. As far as things that can break, this one really isn't a big deal I guess. I'm renting a car for my weekend travel which gets better gas mileage and for the next travel I'm probably going to ride with someone else, then the travel after that is by a cool Double Decker bus and after that it's all cabs and a plane.

Ok, ok, ok... I'm not as soft as I could be on vehicles, and I know that. I just get bummed out when something boring breaks. For example, the cruise control. There is no really cool fun fix for that!! If I got rear ended and needed a new back bumper, that could be fun!! Or some suspension problems... you get the point. Only stuff that's fun to replace and upgrade is allowed to break!!

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What's in store for the Horse in '09?

Fun, charming and attractive sums up the Horse’s traits perfectly. They love parties and crowds and being the centre of attention. They can also be egotistical, hotheaded and impatient. The Horse is a considerate and protective friend and partner and when in his company, there will always be excitement around the next corner.

Forecast for 2009 2009 will see the Horse making excellent progress in whatever area of his life he chooses. Finances will feature in a positive way as well with a possible increase in income. They should take care, however, to manage their money wisely and make plans. Balance needs to be maintained between work time and leisurely pursuits in order to stay healthy and centered. The Horse will have a tendency to overdo things this year. January to March will be fortuitous for changing jobs while April and December will favor romantic pursuits – for those attached, these months could bring news of an engagement!

Sometimes zodiac's and horoscopes can be fun!


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This weekend finds me in the fabulous world of Raleigh that was my old stomping ground. Not divulging details, b/c well, that's just not my MO, this has been a unique experience. I've encountered many friends that I haven't seen in a hot minute. Some, happy to see me, some not. That's just the way it works. You just don't always part friends and you don't always know where you are with others. But, such is life. While this area has changed a good bit, it hasn't changed that much. The people are still great, they still look out for each other and there's still a great party scene. Some parts have grown, some parts have gone the way of the dodo.

Yet again, something to be expected from a city bursting at the seams. I don't really have a point beyond stating standard facts about most cities, but I do know this is the first time I've been back and not felt like this place was home. I think DC really does have me at this point. For the good, and for the bad. I am a local DC person. God I hate this statement, but... "So it goes". I've been trying to fight the fact for 5 years, but you know... I think DC is good for me. I have my spot, a TON of great people and only a few I'd like to see disappear! Are you on that list? I bet you'd know it if you were!! Well, that's not really important. I'm just happy to be happy. Yet shocked to call DC home. But you know, you could call much worse places home.

I am, however, excited to see how the next few months play out. I think there is MUCH up in the air that will make itself clear for me, and I'm looking forward to that clarity. Cryptic much? You could say that, but if anything works itself out, I'll 'splain it to ya!

ps: As promised, I want to mention that AMW is an awesome chick!! Here's your shout out!


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I never thought I'd see gas this cheap ever again and I'm honestly thrilled that it's here!!!


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Now I love diet coke and coke products as much as if not more so then the next person, but I REALLY think they are reaching with this picture. For every drop of life you savor?? What? Want to savor life on a vacation perhaps, or with a relaxing cruise, or something exotic. But diet coke? I dunno. Just seems to common place to be referred to as exotic in anyway. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go suck down another diet coke to keep the day going.

There's your slogan... Diet Coke, keep the day alive!!! Better.


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I went grocery shopping last night for the first time in a few months b/c the house was barren of food!! The fridge had, beer, soda's, condiments, and a slice of cheese. Yeah, time to get my shop on!! Being the thrifty shopper that I am, I headed over to the shoppers food warehouse armed with a shopping list and my shiny new coupon wallet ready for some deep discounts!!

Roaming the isles, saving a penny here and a penny there I shopped with what I thought to be quite the frugal manner. Well, two things stood between me and victory here... My coupon wallet was empty!! Crap, I just got it and haven't filled it up yet!! And problem number 2? Hair care crap is expensive!!! So, as has happened to you on many occasions I'm certain, I've checked out $100+ poorer and it still doesn't feel like I bought anything!!! At least the fridge looks like we have food in it instead of just beer and soda now!!


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Travelin Planz

In the coming months, I'm actually gettin outta dodge for a bit. Me! The guy who doesn't travel anywhere!!! The excitement starts with a trip back home to NC to be arm candy for a holiday party and pretty much party it up with some old friends I haven't seen in waaaaay too long!!

Only back in DC for a minute, then back down to NC for a wedding weekend for a college buddy of mine! Congrats!! She's a great girl... What's that you say? Of course we're bringin plastic cups for flip cup at the reception!!! We are that klassy of a bunch!!

There's some unconfirmed snow boarding trips right around x-mas in PA or West VA, but then New York City for new years!!! Catchin a DJ Tiesto show with friends is an awesome way to ring in the new years!! I've never been to NYC, so I'm super psyched!!

And now, the main event... 6 days in Vegas!!!! I've always wanted to go and what's better... I'll be there for the CES show!! I'm a gadget freak, so I am really looking forward to this trip. Even if there was no CES... VEGAS!!! I am really in for a fun couple months, that's for sure!!


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Ok, I don't know what is going on, but for the past few days I've been starving!! Eating, eating, and eating some more! The only thing I can come up with is that its a combined effect from hitting the gym and all the cold weather we've been having. Who knows. Let's just hope I can keep from blowin up from all the extra cal's I've been eating. On the bright side, the food has been pretty healthy - lean chicken breast and lean cuts of meat, so that'll help build muscle instead of fat. That's the plan for now!

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Moody Mix

This is a playlist that's stuck with me for the past oh... 7 years or so. I call it my moody mix. Now I know a few of these songs are newer, as I'll add a song here and there or replace a song. Ultimately, it's been approx the same collection of songs since it showed up in my life.

Whenever I'm in a funk or have something on my mind, I can generally put this mix on and just drift away and think stuff out. Are you or anyone you know having a hard day? Well, take a listen and enjoy. This is safe for work for the most part, there's an occasional profane word but if you have a private office or are at home, crank it up and feel all betta!!

If you don't see anything, either you are looking at this post in a reader or you don't have the plug ins. Go to the actual blog and it should show up!


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In an effort to stay in and recover my mind, body, soul, liver, etc from being out tooooo much, I took last night off from everything. No work, no gym, no party, no anything!! What I did do was catch up on a huge stack of paper work at home (I know, fun, right?), balance all of my accounts and plan out my expenses for the next month.

Ok, so that really wasn't fun, but to top that I caught an episode of Top Chef followed by HOURS of playing Need For Speed Carbon. I know, the new Need For Speed Undercover is already out, but I just picked up Carbon on sale ($50 my a$$, I'll take $15 any day!!) for the Wii and was trying to make a dent in the game. I don't know why it is, but playing with two separate controllers at the same time really made me feel soooo much more in the game, but it did. This game is basically the same Need For Speed formula as every other need for speed game, the addition is that you have cops to play with. Think grand theft auto, minus the bazooka to blow them up. For $15... deff a good purchase!! I'm looking forward to playing some more and I bet my liver is looking forward to it too!


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Xmas Dinner

This year (I'm referring to it as the jewelry free year!!) I've got quite a few friends to shop for that have been there for me and really helped me along the road we caaaaaallin life. Sorry, broke into an Eagle Eye Cherry song there for a sec. Any ways, I could scour the mall and the interwebs for days looking for that perfect gift, getting pissed off, returning it, then getting a gift card then thinking that it was lame... you know, typical holiday shopping stuff! Or... I could just take the lot of 'em out to a nice dinner!! I choose option b!

We started off at a little happy hour at Bailey's for some $2 pints and some conversation. The bar started to fill up all of a sudden, and here we are clogging the main spot at the bar while the wait staff curses us for taking this spot!! Ooops. Come 645ish, it's time to settle up and move on to dinna.

Dinner was at McCormick & Schmicks Seafood Restaurant, and lemmie tell ya it was AWESOME!!! Since there are 19 of us, they took over two 10 top tables next to each other. After another round of drinks for everyone at both tables, we order a hand full of apps for each. Crab Dip, Calamari, Mussels, Coconut Shrimp, Shrimp Cocktail (I'm getting hungry just writing this). I just want to say, that crab dip was OUT OF THIS WORLD!! The fresh crab pieces were abundant throughout the dip. Everyone had very hearty dips and we actually ran out of chips before we ran out of crab!!

Entrees are served, and it's a mix of seafood all across both tables. I saw scallops in a variety of preparations, some crab cakes which look like giant crab bombs (taste amazing by the way!), & some steak. I had the Nantucket bay scallops which were oven baked with a light breading on top of the dish. These were also EXCELLENT!! I didn't opt for desert, but from what I saw they were also amazing. I particularly enjoyed one of my friends rants on the upside down apple pie which was shown right next to a regular slice of apple pie... ha!

My gift to everyone wasn't just setting up the dinner, but paying for it too. This is now the most expensive tab I've ever picked up!! Let's see how long that record lasts! =)

After dinner, a couple of us kept the festivities going by heading out to a karaoke place near by for some singing, carrying on, and shenanigans. I don't really want to get into the late night events of this evening, but let me say this... I wish I had just gone home after dinner. The rest of the evening was enough to tarnish an amazing night with amazing friends and not just b/c I sucked at singing random songs people kept signing me up for. But, I shall say no more on the subject at this time.

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Auto Fav's

Inspired by a discussion that I had with a friend of mine a few weeks back, I've been thinking about some cars that I've loved over the years. As the new models come out, some have gone on to be beautiful others have been destroyed by curves gone wrong or just killed by their manufacturer. Either way, here's a list of 9 vehicles that are worth taking a good look at if you come across one in a used market. The list is in order of Sedans (Sd), then Coupes(C), then SUV's(Sv). With in each list, the order is oldest to new est. None of these vehicles are brand new, but all of them are bad a$$ in their own right!

You should be able to pick up almost everyone of these for under $20k if you can find them. Please note, I haven't listed my Jeep on here b/c I currently have it. So, these would be vehicles in addition to the Jeep.

Sd1. 2003 Acura TL Type-S Have you met me? I used to own this car, and it was quite possibly one of my favorite cars that I've ever had. Smooth gearbox (yes, it's an auto.. grrr) with quick shifting combined with a rev happy engine made for the second fastest production Acura of all time (in 2003). The interior was very comfortable, great for long trips. This is one of the only times I've ever seen black wood trim and I loved it!
Sd2. 2003 BMW M5 The ultimate in sleepers! With a big bad a$$ 5.0L V8 & 6 speed manual gear box this little treasure can smoke just about any rice racer off the line but it still has plenty of manners to take your boss to the airport.
Sd3. 2004 Volvo S60 Type-R Yet another little bad a$$ sleeper. Who'da thunk it? Volvo dumped an all wheel drive set up, mated it to a 6 speed manual gear box, put on a stronger turbo over the rest of their line, yet didn't bother to make much in the way of changes to the exterior. Grocery getter that smokes you off the line every time but still has plenty of creature comforts to keep you happy for a daily driver.
C1. 1999 Honda Civic Si Since Day 1, Honda has been a HUGE player in the Japanese import scene. Think NOPI Nationals, or Super Street, or Fast & the Furious. The Si Line started out small in the mid 80's but now rages on strong with the first ever 4 door Si model. The 1999 Civic Si ushered in a new color, Si Blue, and a whole lot of fun for not too much money.
C2. 1998 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo Targa OMG... In 1998, this car DOMINATED the streets. This was the bad a$$ of bad a$$' much like the new Nissan Skyline GTR is today. Those that know, understand I am NOT a fan of Toyota for the most part... but I wouldn't pass up one of these in my drive way. One of the few cars where the Moon Raker like spoiler actually does something. I'm not sure why Toyota pulled this car from the states, but the people that still have one of these generally hold on to it.The ultimate in sleepers. With a big bad a$$ 5.0L V8 & 6 speed manual gear box this little treasure can smoke just about any rice racer off the line but it still has plenty of manners to take your boss to the airport.
C3. 1996 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 Spyder When I was 16, this car first made it's appearance on the market. One of the first Hard top convertibles in the US market, but also mated to all wheel drive twin turbo's and one of the shortest throw's b/t gears I've ever driven! I got to take one of these guys out for a spin when they first came out... and I've never felt a car that WANTED to take off more then this one! Clearly, I wouldn't want it in white... But it's also a little hottie in black on black!
Sv1. 1997 GMC Yukon 2-door 4wd The end of an era brings in the GMC Yukon 2 door and it's sister truck the 2door K5 Blazer. This two door line of trucks came about in the early 80's (I think). Take everything that is good about the Suburban, then Chop out a row of seating to shrink it to a Tahoe, then chop out a set of doors to shrink it even further to the 2 door Yukon. Same big boy engine, shift on the fly transfer case, and a short wheel base makes for an excellent go anywhere truck. Also perfect when complimented with a ski/board rack on top with a couple friends in the back seat.
Sv2. 2003 Land Rover Range Rover HSE No hidden secrets here, it's just a big fat plush luxury SUV. The ride is amazing and the power is excellent thanks to BOSCH engine management. I believe 2003 was the year the new Landrover got those big bad BMW engines for their power plant. Also, the first year of the redesign.
Sv3. 2003 Land Rover Discovery HSE I used to have this truck in the 1996 body style, conveniently the last year you could find it in a manual transmission in the states. The 2003 body is the last year of the true discovery (I believe this happend in 2003 not 2004) in my eyes before LR ditched this beauty and went to the LR3. 2 sunroofs, tri-zone climate control, rows of stadium seating get you from point A to where the hell ever you might want to go in comfort. Might I suggest scrapping the Michelin LTX's that come stock on it for some tires with a little more meat on the tread.
Any older cars/trucks/SUV's that you miss? Perhaps your neighbor or HS sweetheart had something you loved dearly? Would love to hear it.

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