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We be gymmin

Last month I started hitting the gym a little harder and attempted to hire a HUGE trainer to keep pushing me even more. The trainer is a really cool guy, freakin huge and very nice. While I would have really loved to work out with him, the cost of $100/session was just a little much for my budget. I am, however, taking his suggestions and using my own experience over the years to try to be my own motivational work out trainer. Do you know the kinda looks you get when you yell "Come bitch, push it!" to no one in particular? Yeah, a little odd!

But seriously, I have been getting better about watching my intake in small steps. You know, perhaps I skip that cookie even if it is low fat. Or changing the kind of junk I do end up eating when I'm out… anyways, you read all this out in my plans last month. Other then a short absence while in Ohio, I think I've been doing rather well with getting back into the swing of things. I still have PLENTY of work to go, but I hope to start seeing some results (even a teeny tiny bit) by xmas or my birthday!! Besides, when I walk into the gym, some of the staff ever so kindly reminds me EVERY TIME just how fat I've gotten and how much weight I've put on. That's deff helping keeping me on the elliptical or cross ramp a little longer every time I go in.


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At Mon Nov 17, 03:07:00 PM EST, Anonymous Sam said...

The New Rules Of Lifting For Men is an amazing book. It is a whole program with every workout laid out for you.

I have the version for Women that I am going to use to get into bikini shape.


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