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Off the edge of the World

I haven't posted in how long?!?! Wow, ok, let's chat. For over a week now, I've been out of town on travel to Ohio. See that pic that had me asking can you guess were I am a couple posts back? Yeah, that was Columbus Ohio. Not a bad little place to visit. The weather was excellent all week long then it called for snow flurries the next day? Wow. I guess that's what happens when you are in a colder climate then I'm used to. Ok, wait… I'm rambling? Already? Too soon for that. Let's go a diff direction.

So this trip had me traveling with my boss the entire week. That's no prob as she's actually pretty cool. I booked my ticket for a nice leisurely 3pm which gives me plenty of time to get to run my errands and get up to BWI to fly out. Well that plan was foiled by a 7am phone call telling me to change my ticket to the 10:something flight. Fahk!! I managed to vote, pack, get dry cleaning and just barely make it before the cut off time to get on that flight. Beat the boss to the airport in fact! We arrive in Ohio and go right to the client site. Closing down the client site that evening, we take it to the hotel where it's back to work using a Verizon wireless card and VPN connection till about midnight or so. The hotel we stayed in was actually host to the Ohio Democratic Watch party. Even on the 16th floor I could hear these guys rockin the hotel out! Wow... what a party! If I wasn't on travel with my boss, perhaps I woulda partaken a little myself.

The days were all pretty much the same pace. Whether week day or weekend. Wake up, meet for breakfast (she was late every day. Not complaining, just stating a fact), stay at the office till after dark. Come back to the hotel and have some food. Either work some more or watch whatever movie/show was on the tube in the evening. My social life was pretty much just what people texted me to tell me they were doing. Wait, that's not true... we went out to a nice dinner one time but my boss got sleepy after 1.5 drinks and we called it a night. The place was really nice, Martini Modern Italian. I would deff eat and drink there again. I even yelped about it I enjoyed it so much!

I would love to say that I saw all there was to see in Columbus, but that's really not true. I am able to say that I really enjoy the concierge service at the Marriott hotels and the downtown Marriott is wicked nice. But that's about it. It is due to that schedule that I have been so outta touch! Well, I have some writing I need to do, so if you'll excuse me.. on to the next post!


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