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Not 21 Anymore!

Good morning Saturday and hello Hang over!! Ugh, I'm draggin all day long today. The plan is to go get a quick bite then back to the couch. We hit the chilli's for some all you can eat soup and salad... only $7.50!! What a deal! Well, the food is excellent, the service a bit slow, but the times are good. It's always great to see old friends you haven't caught up with in a while. Good, time to get home and get a nap, right? Wrong!! I was able to run a few errands and next thing you know... time to go out for the nights Birthday & House Warming Parties.

My buddy & I broke out some money PJ's since the first stop is a PJ party. I'm rockin out my Guitar Hero PJ's. Yes I bought them just for this thank you very much!! We get there at like 630ish thinking it'll be early and we'll be the only ones... WRONG!! It was bumpin!! They started at 3pm... and it's going and going strong! We roll in, grab a brew and next thing you know... it's flip cup time!! After only a few rounds, some of the folks start milling around. Ok, let's go one on one exhibition match style!! Not smart! But great entertainment all around.

Boy did they have a freakin spread... Trays of GIANT Cup cakes, hot dogs, shrimp, veggies, dip, chips, some FAT burgers, and about the best damn BBQ chicken I've had in years! Yum! I was a little shocked that they only got a tiny keg, but you know, there seems to be enough other booze to support it and it's working out just fine.

Time to mozey on and hit the next party. We hit a house warming party up in MD..ugh... lucky border patrol didn't stop us b/c we didn't bring passports to go that far! The house is awesome!! Freakin 5 bedroom, detached garage, nice fenced in yard and I have no idea how many bath rooms. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention it looks like a little castle from the out side? Soo cool!! The house is awesome, but the party is a little too adult for the likes of some Pajama Clad guys, so after a few hours of socializing, we take off.

Home you say? Nay Nay. That would be too logical. Back to the other party!! Still going strong, so we join back in! The party goes and goes and goes till at some point, a few of us start scavenging for beer b/c we've drained the fridge, the coolers, the kegs... all gone. By the time this is all gone, it's 6am!! I haven't partied to see the sun come up in years!!

After a few hours of sleep, everyone starts rolling out of bed/couch/floor mildly hungover. We take it to Bob & Ediths for some fine drunk food. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the day on the couch trying to sleep and recover. Ow, my head!! Given the chance... I'd do it all over again! What a blast!


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