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Morning Sun...

I've watched the sun rise on many many occasions. I think perhaps more so then the average person gets to enjoy. (Well, unless they are a morning person then they deff get more then I do!) On many occasions working the bar, I've been just getting off work from a late night to see the sun come up driving home. When I used to live in NC, we'd typically party till the sun came up. In fact, I did party till the sun came up just a few weeks ago!

There was one NC party that particularly stands out for me. I had just graduated college, was living in a crappy little apartment, and waiting tables full time. But only nights as much as I could work it. I'm just not crazy about working lunches. Dinner tabs are better, people drink more, higher checks = better tips. Anyways, we went out and partied soooo late that I was actually stuck in rush hour traffic trying to get home. Maybe it was the 12+ smokey bar filled hours or the haze of too much party, but I honestly was confused at that moment. I looked left... Traffic! I looked right... Traffic!! And the only thought going through my head was "Wow... EVERYONE had a late party night last night?!?!? What are the odds!"

Talk about naive, some one actually had to sit me down and explain to me that it was Wednesday morning and everyone was going to work!! Hahaha! Anyways, I told you those examples of what I'm doing and where I am when I am used to seeing the sun rise just to contrast to how I saw it this morning. I watched the sun rise from the Balley's Cycling Studio in a spin class this morning. Oh yes, there will be physical change to my body if it kills me!! Next step.. Gym-Work-Gym Sandwich!!! Not today, but I feel it coming on soon!

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