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Bond Flick

Ok, wow... Another good times weekend. Where to begin? How about Friday? After work, I meet up with a buddy of mine and we head into the city for a quick happy hour and a bite to eat before seeing the new bond movie. If you've been following my blog for a min, you will know that I'm a HUGE Bond fan and am a little ticked off after the last movie. I hated everything about it, and I wasn't crazy about Daniel Craig. But, whatev... I've seen every other one so I'll go check this out. Anyways, back to it... walking down china town I snag a coupon for a bite to eat at California Tortilla.. SCORE!!! They have some tasty burritos and I've found the people at the registers have a great sense of humor. Random!

Food in hand, I walk next door to Rocket Bar where you can bring your food in, but they make up for it with their drink prices. A couple rounds = $55?? Seriously?? Ugh, well we are all tabbed out at the bar and we head over to the movie. A small flask in tow... The issue that one flask for all of us will be inadequate quickly becomes clear so we make a liquor run during the previous. I know... Who makes a freakin booze run during the previous?!?! Well, it's better then sitting there watching them!! We were able to triple our stash and not miss a minute of the movie.

Compared to the last movie, this one was AWESOME!!! Granted, Daniel Craig is still not my fav. Bond, but the move itself was excellent this time. Non stop action, great car chases, get aways from rare situations, good villains... I highly recommend it!! After the movie, we go to a nearby bar to continue the evening discussing the movie and meeting the locals or whoever happens to be hangin out there. As the evening progresses, some of our crew take off to go home, some go to another bar... me? I just keep on hangin out at the bar meeting whomever decides to sit near by. I had a blast, and even made some new Facebook friends at the bar.

I would rather not discuss the metro ride home, but you prob. have noticed that I had a few rounds at this point. On the down side, my attemps at folding myself a paper hat out of the Express paper I found on the train were foiled by my coordination. On the plus side... running home thru the cold (upper 40's degrees)rain not nearly as bad as it coulda been!


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