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The Luther

The prophecy is complete!! We've all heard of it, and wonder OMG.. what?! Well, last night a few of us got together and made this thought a reality. This gathering wasn't just for The Luther, but for all things bad for you and greasy. It was our goal to see the Itis in action. And boy did we see it!! Let's start with the supporting courses... There was Crack Dip (basically chilli and cheese in a bowl melted together), Bacon Bombs (cheese rolled in bacon then deep fried), 2 HUGE pans of home made mac N cheese casserole, Bread Pudding with Captain Morgan's butter rum sauce... are you getting the heart clogging idea?

And now, for the star of the show.... start with a Krispy Kreme Donut, add a quarter pound all beef patty, next layer on a slice of cheese and two strips of bacon. Atop those two strips, you take a generous helping of caramelized onions sauteed in butter. Next, let's add another layer just for fun... another quarter pound all beef patty, another slice of cheese, 2 more strips of bacon and yet another helping of caramelized onions. Top off with another Krispy Kreme Donut and two more strips of bacon. Next step... enjoy!! Now, for the shocking part... this is actually really good!! I was effing shocked. I thought at best it just wouldn't be terrible, but nope... the flavor combination's made for one tasty samich!

One other untold star was a sandwich called the Fatty Melt. Yummm!! Think traditional patty melt - Meat, cheese, onions... Now sandwich it b/t two grilled cheese sandwiches! The plan was to make these as well, but after bacon bombs, pizza rolls, crack dip and a full Luther... I wasn't up to much other then sitting on the couch watching the Boondocks!! Fatty Melt... you are going down next time!!

Grand heart clogging total for today... 4+ sticks of butter, 4 lbs of bacon, 6 dozen Krispy Kreme's, much more cheese then I can recall and more ingredients that I can't!! Ugh... I need to hit the gym!! See you next time cyberspace cowboy!

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So there I was at Union Jack's second opening (I still can't tell if it's officially open or not, but I've been there twice now) enjoying a couple rounds with some good friends celebrating Poop's birthday. Listening to a DJ, even shakin my butt on the dance floor a couple times too many. As it comes time to leave, I was witness to the following conversation which I thought was excellent!!

Guy: "Hey, I just wanted you to know that you've been looking amazing all night long."

Random Girl (with a sly grin): "Then why the fcuk haven't you been hitting on me??"


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Morning Sun...

I've watched the sun rise on many many occasions. I think perhaps more so then the average person gets to enjoy. (Well, unless they are a morning person then they deff get more then I do!) On many occasions working the bar, I've been just getting off work from a late night to see the sun come up driving home. When I used to live in NC, we'd typically party till the sun came up. In fact, I did party till the sun came up just a few weeks ago!

There was one NC party that particularly stands out for me. I had just graduated college, was living in a crappy little apartment, and waiting tables full time. But only nights as much as I could work it. I'm just not crazy about working lunches. Dinner tabs are better, people drink more, higher checks = better tips. Anyways, we went out and partied soooo late that I was actually stuck in rush hour traffic trying to get home. Maybe it was the 12+ smokey bar filled hours or the haze of too much party, but I honestly was confused at that moment. I looked left... Traffic! I looked right... Traffic!! And the only thought going through my head was "Wow... EVERYONE had a late party night last night?!?!? What are the odds!"

Talk about naive, some one actually had to sit me down and explain to me that it was Wednesday morning and everyone was going to work!! Hahaha! Anyways, I told you those examples of what I'm doing and where I am when I am used to seeing the sun rise just to contrast to how I saw it this morning. I watched the sun rise from the Balley's Cycling Studio in a spin class this morning. Oh yes, there will be physical change to my body if it kills me!! Next step.. Gym-Work-Gym Sandwich!!! Not today, but I feel it coming on soon!

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Couch Surfin...

Talk about taking couch surfing to the next level!! But wait, here's how this all came together. You recall I woke up a week or so ago singing that 'Send me an Angel' song? Well, I was. Since I was singing it, I had to find it. Once I found it, I had to download it. Once I downloaded it, i had to figure out where I knew it from. When I found out where I knew it from, I had to get a clip. Once I got a clip, I had to get the whole movie!! Once I had the movie, I had to get my laptop working with my TV. You see the path to the dark side of couch surfing is wrought with peril!!! hahaha... any ways, a wireless keyboard later, and It's all working & I'm loving it!


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Stuck in my Head

Ok, so when I woke up from my short nap Sunday morning, there was a song lyric stuck in my head. "Send me an angel" over and over again. The song is Send me an Angel by a group called Real Life. Why? I have noooo idea. But then it's been bugging me... where in the hell did I hear this song?!?! Tonight... I have realized it! It's from a 1980's movie called RAD. Think Karate Kid 1, but on a BMX bike, same story. I think it's even got the same main bad guy from the Cobra Kai!! Well, with out further adieu, the song stuck in my head and the sh!tty 80's movie that I remember it from. Enjoy the clip!


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Not 21 Anymore!

Good morning Saturday and hello Hang over!! Ugh, I'm draggin all day long today. The plan is to go get a quick bite then back to the couch. We hit the chilli's for some all you can eat soup and salad... only $7.50!! What a deal! Well, the food is excellent, the service a bit slow, but the times are good. It's always great to see old friends you haven't caught up with in a while. Good, time to get home and get a nap, right? Wrong!! I was able to run a few errands and next thing you know... time to go out for the nights Birthday & House Warming Parties.

My buddy & I broke out some money PJ's since the first stop is a PJ party. I'm rockin out my Guitar Hero PJ's. Yes I bought them just for this thank you very much!! We get there at like 630ish thinking it'll be early and we'll be the only ones... WRONG!! It was bumpin!! They started at 3pm... and it's going and going strong! We roll in, grab a brew and next thing you know... it's flip cup time!! After only a few rounds, some of the folks start milling around. Ok, let's go one on one exhibition match style!! Not smart! But great entertainment all around.

Boy did they have a freakin spread... Trays of GIANT Cup cakes, hot dogs, shrimp, veggies, dip, chips, some FAT burgers, and about the best damn BBQ chicken I've had in years! Yum! I was a little shocked that they only got a tiny keg, but you know, there seems to be enough other booze to support it and it's working out just fine.

Time to mozey on and hit the next party. We hit a house warming party up in MD..ugh... lucky border patrol didn't stop us b/c we didn't bring passports to go that far! The house is awesome!! Freakin 5 bedroom, detached garage, nice fenced in yard and I have no idea how many bath rooms. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention it looks like a little castle from the out side? Soo cool!! The house is awesome, but the party is a little too adult for the likes of some Pajama Clad guys, so after a few hours of socializing, we take off.

Home you say? Nay Nay. That would be too logical. Back to the other party!! Still going strong, so we join back in! The party goes and goes and goes till at some point, a few of us start scavenging for beer b/c we've drained the fridge, the coolers, the kegs... all gone. By the time this is all gone, it's 6am!! I haven't partied to see the sun come up in years!!

After a few hours of sleep, everyone starts rolling out of bed/couch/floor mildly hungover. We take it to Bob & Ediths for some fine drunk food. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the day on the couch trying to sleep and recover. Ow, my head!! Given the chance... I'd do it all over again! What a blast!


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Bond Flick

Ok, wow... Another good times weekend. Where to begin? How about Friday? After work, I meet up with a buddy of mine and we head into the city for a quick happy hour and a bite to eat before seeing the new bond movie. If you've been following my blog for a min, you will know that I'm a HUGE Bond fan and am a little ticked off after the last movie. I hated everything about it, and I wasn't crazy about Daniel Craig. But, whatev... I've seen every other one so I'll go check this out. Anyways, back to it... walking down china town I snag a coupon for a bite to eat at California Tortilla.. SCORE!!! They have some tasty burritos and I've found the people at the registers have a great sense of humor. Random!

Food in hand, I walk next door to Rocket Bar where you can bring your food in, but they make up for it with their drink prices. A couple rounds = $55?? Seriously?? Ugh, well we are all tabbed out at the bar and we head over to the movie. A small flask in tow... The issue that one flask for all of us will be inadequate quickly becomes clear so we make a liquor run during the previous. I know... Who makes a freakin booze run during the previous?!?! Well, it's better then sitting there watching them!! We were able to triple our stash and not miss a minute of the movie.

Compared to the last movie, this one was AWESOME!!! Granted, Daniel Craig is still not my fav. Bond, but the move itself was excellent this time. Non stop action, great car chases, get aways from rare situations, good villains... I highly recommend it!! After the movie, we go to a nearby bar to continue the evening discussing the movie and meeting the locals or whoever happens to be hangin out there. As the evening progresses, some of our crew take off to go home, some go to another bar... me? I just keep on hangin out at the bar meeting whomever decides to sit near by. I had a blast, and even made some new Facebook friends at the bar.

I would rather not discuss the metro ride home, but you prob. have noticed that I had a few rounds at this point. On the down side, my attemps at folding myself a paper hat out of the Express paper I found on the train were foiled by my coordination. On the plus side... running home thru the cold (upper 40's degrees)rain not nearly as bad as it coulda been!


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Disaster has struck!

I busted the case on my beloved blackberry. :( I drove around all over the place yesterday trying to find a replacement, but all for not. Now, if you've known me for a while you are probably thinking "awe hell... did you just buy a new phone?" Well, I'll have you know I did not!! I was able to find a new backing online for $4. Woot! But then had to pay $5 in shipping charges?!?! Isn't there some unwritten law that says you can't charge more for shipping then the actual item? Well, there should be! O well, $9 ain't too bad. Hurry up and get here so I my berry can be whole again!


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We be gymmin

Last month I started hitting the gym a little harder and attempted to hire a HUGE trainer to keep pushing me even more. The trainer is a really cool guy, freakin huge and very nice. While I would have really loved to work out with him, the cost of $100/session was just a little much for my budget. I am, however, taking his suggestions and using my own experience over the years to try to be my own motivational work out trainer. Do you know the kinda looks you get when you yell "Come bitch, push it!" to no one in particular? Yeah, a little odd!

But seriously, I have been getting better about watching my intake in small steps. You know, perhaps I skip that cookie even if it is low fat. Or changing the kind of junk I do end up eating when I'm out… anyways, you read all this out in my plans last month. Other then a short absence while in Ohio, I think I've been doing rather well with getting back into the swing of things. I still have PLENTY of work to go, but I hope to start seeing some results (even a teeny tiny bit) by xmas or my birthday!! Besides, when I walk into the gym, some of the staff ever so kindly reminds me EVERY TIME just how fat I've gotten and how much weight I've put on. That's deff helping keeping me on the elliptical or cross ramp a little longer every time I go in.


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Off the edge of the World

I haven't posted in how long?!?! Wow, ok, let's chat. For over a week now, I've been out of town on travel to Ohio. See that pic that had me asking can you guess were I am a couple posts back? Yeah, that was Columbus Ohio. Not a bad little place to visit. The weather was excellent all week long then it called for snow flurries the next day? Wow. I guess that's what happens when you are in a colder climate then I'm used to. Ok, wait… I'm rambling? Already? Too soon for that. Let's go a diff direction.

So this trip had me traveling with my boss the entire week. That's no prob as she's actually pretty cool. I booked my ticket for a nice leisurely 3pm which gives me plenty of time to get to run my errands and get up to BWI to fly out. Well that plan was foiled by a 7am phone call telling me to change my ticket to the 10:something flight. Fahk!! I managed to vote, pack, get dry cleaning and just barely make it before the cut off time to get on that flight. Beat the boss to the airport in fact! We arrive in Ohio and go right to the client site. Closing down the client site that evening, we take it to the hotel where it's back to work using a Verizon wireless card and VPN connection till about midnight or so. The hotel we stayed in was actually host to the Ohio Democratic Watch party. Even on the 16th floor I could hear these guys rockin the hotel out! Wow... what a party! If I wasn't on travel with my boss, perhaps I woulda partaken a little myself.

The days were all pretty much the same pace. Whether week day or weekend. Wake up, meet for breakfast (she was late every day. Not complaining, just stating a fact), stay at the office till after dark. Come back to the hotel and have some food. Either work some more or watch whatever movie/show was on the tube in the evening. My social life was pretty much just what people texted me to tell me they were doing. Wait, that's not true... we went out to a nice dinner one time but my boss got sleepy after 1.5 drinks and we called it a night. The place was really nice, Martini Modern Italian. I would deff eat and drink there again. I even yelped about it I enjoyed it so much!

I would love to say that I saw all there was to see in Columbus, but that's really not true. I am able to say that I really enjoy the concierge service at the Marriott hotels and the downtown Marriott is wicked nice. But that's about it. It is due to that schedule that I have been so outta touch! Well, I have some writing I need to do, so if you'll excuse me.. on to the next post!


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Can you guess where I am?

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