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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

What a Weeeeeeekend!!

Ok, buckle up sports fans, this one is gonna be a long read. I'm talkin' - set an away message and put up an out of office reply on your outlook - long read!! Oh, and just so you know, you wanna sing What a weeeeeeeeekend kind of like "What a Feeling" by the Global Deejays. As I was walking this morning debating how to better approach this post, I was tempted to do fun stuff like tags and what not to help navigate all the days that are involved. However, I'm just gonna go old school and write strait through… hope you stick with it!

Day 1 (back to top)

The weekend sorta started off Wednesday when I was feeling a little under the weather in the morning and took the whole work from home route. I know, weekend? It's only freakin Wednesday!! So, it's a light yet restful day of working from home sucking down OJ and taking vitamins… wouldn't you know it? Come 4ish, I'm feeling 100% better & it's time to kick it off with a little Dreidel Hour!! What is that you might ask? Well, it's happy hour(s) with one of my Fav peeps... it has just been nicknamed Dreidel hour - I just think it's more fun to say! We had a few rounds of Guitar hero and a couple small rounds. Awesome conversation as always, and I was bestowed one of the finest complements I've ever had via text later on that evening from this Dreidel hour. Deff good times!

Now it's time to move on. This evening, I'm hitting Richmond to catch up with a friend of mine whom I haven't seen in years!! Sounds good, go out down town take in the sites and party it up!! Well, first I have a few cars standing in my way by the name of rush hour traffic! I am happy to report that my shiny new top did a kick a$$ job on the highway. Yeah, I think it's a little louder the OEM, but at this point I'm used to it and it's starting to sound quiet to me! Maybe it just had to snug down into place and now it's all good! Anyways, I follow the NAV thinking that I'm heading into down town... Noooot exactly. Try more on the outskirts of Richmond. On the plus side, all the Waffle Houses I've every wanted to check out are here! I think there's actually one every couple miles. I'm not doggin' waffle house, I like their eats, but I didn't know the waffle market was this strong!! The pic a few days ago is from this area, you know, the one that I found the hunting pack of Busch beer? Yeah, that's where I'm @! Anyways, long story short, I get there and we catch up over a bite to eat. "Hey, how's so and so doing? OMG... prego? What? Who got fat? Who moved away?" the usual stuff followed by a few really silly drinkin games. Have you ever played MTV the drinking game? It's easy, any time anyone is topless or in a bikini... Drink!! Ok, now you try it!!

Day 2 (back to top)

Still with me? I hope so, b/c we are just getting started!!! In walks Thursday with a mean hangover... I'd give it a 2-3 star. Ok, so not that mean, I can function just fine, but during the day, I'm really not feeling going out. I'm just not! But surprise, surprise, a few phone calls and texts later, here I go. I hit the Pre-Game today dressed in just party clothes b/c my effing ankle is STILL NOT BETTER!! Ugh. I might as well socialize instead! The pregame was a quiet spot with light Irish music, decent little snacks and a couple pints. We have a dozen, maybe 20 or so people. Good folks good talk, but it's time to moooove on!! Due to our remote location (well, I think that's what it is) the crowd is not as insane as I had imagined it being. Only 160 or so for the Thursday before RDR, yes I know that most hashes around the country don't see those kind of numbers even at AGM's. Well, what ev. The weather is ideal, clear sky's not too humid, and the crowd is great. The evening is going along swimmingly until disaster strikes!! My blackberry is locked, and my alt key won't work!?!?!? OMG!!!!!!!! I won't go into details, but rest assured I got it working and we hoof it on to the end. A nice circle, a decent naming, and a closing song. At this point I'm thinking, ok, it's been a night. I'll just go inside say my hello's and take off to prepare for the weekend...

You guessed it... Wrong! We go in and have a few rounds, end up dancin a little bit, having some good conversation and next thing I know, the bar is closed. What? Closed? Me thinks not! So, we all pile into cabs to the next spot. Time to take on Adam's Morgan! The Jello shots are abundant, the beer flows freely, and I start singing country with some random ladies on the machine! Wow... good times take two! And wouldn't you know it, it's time for this bar to close too. We're not done yet!!! So the group of us piles into yet another cab and takes off for my place!! This night needs a little Guitar Hero and a few more rounds. Well, there musta been sleeping gas or something in that cab b/c we all pile into my place, and no one even cracks a beer. I think I ate one hot pocket, and everyone passed out. Light weights! Well, everyone else is doing it… night!

Day 3 (back to top)

Good Friday morning Campers!! It's a shiny hang over day... wait... Who the hell are you? Turns out some out of town hashers ended up with our crew and our bar closing adventures last night. Ha!! Been quite some time since I woke up with people I didn't know at my place!! Anyways, all good folks that just needed a place to crash. So, tidy up the place and we all pile into the Jeep to drop everyone off. Oh yeah, did I mention that I took Thursday & Friday off? Yeah, totally did! I was hoping to sleep in more, buuuut guess that wasn't in the cards. Anyways, time to get ready for the evening party!! The plan is to start off at a pool party around 5ish (others are starting at like noon, but I know better then that!), then head out to the bars for some birthday celebrations. Ok, good plan! I hit the beer store and stage my booze up at the next party so that I don't have to carry it & grab an air mattress to keep at my place for the weekend for a buddy of mine that was supposed to be crashing in the spare bed room.

After running a few errands, I have time to lay on the couch for a while to try to recover from last night a little more which I take advantage of. What I do forget to do, like an idiot, is eat any breakfast or lunch for that matter. No prob, I'll get a bite soon! Right? So, a buddy of mine stops by later in the afternoon so that we can roll to the party together. Let's start the day with some Guitar Hero and a few rounds until it's time to go. (Ok, did I remember to eat before I left for the party? Nooooope!)

We arrive around 5ish as planned to find the party in full swing… There's snacks on the grill, beers in the coolers, music on the deck, people having a great time in the pool... I think that guy is even dry humping an inflatable whale?? I want to be shocked, but I'm really not... Isn't dry humping an inflatable whale a metaphor of some sorts? We shant go there! Ok, a smart me at this point would make a bee line for the food. Nooooope, we keep the party going with a few more rounds and some more socializing and meeting a good handful of out of town hashers. The imbibing goes into the evening and as dusk settles, we all start heading for the bar to start our infamous birthday crawl for a couple of folks that were with this group.

Bar 1 - Murphy's!! We drink, carry on, sing songs, drink some more… notice the blatant absence of eating. Good job genius!! As you might all imagine, I've had a couple rounds by this point and was egged into some Car Bombs with a table full of visitors. Now, I can tell you that I did make it home safe, but I did not make it to another bar so there will be no "Bar 2" paragraph - that woulda been Flying Fish (love that place!!). Lesson learned today... if you are gonna stay out boozing all day… EAT SOMETHING!!!

Day 4 (back to top)

And now... The maaaaaaaaaaaain event! I woke up early dazed, confused, disoriented and with a patchy memory. That sort of thing happens after 3 straight days of heavy drinking ya know? I gather my costume and accessories for the day and catch a ride over to Balston to start getting ready with some good friends that are also helping with sign in. Wait a minute, what's this? You don't want to wear the outfit I gave you to wear?!?! Fine! I'll wear it myself and save the costume for another day! So, we are all ready to go in Red EVERYTHING!!! Hair? Red! Dresses? Red! Thigh Highs? Red!! O... I did mention this is the Red Dress Run, didn't? So we hop a cab, and get on over early to start setting up. After the initial cluster of getting everything sorted out, sign in went quite smoothly. They kept bringing us beers and mimosa's the entire time we were there, so a few of us started having our own little mini dance party right there at registration desk in between people coming in. It gets a little hectic at times, but I really enjoyed sign in. It was great seeing everyone when they had just put on all their dresses before too much partying tore them up!! Well, 550 people later, sign in is closed and we head up stairs in the bar to a sea of red!! It's impressive and everyone seems to be having a great time!! 3 bars are flowing bottomless beer for 8 or so hours, so the party gets started right!!

Time for trail, and out we all pour outside the bar for quite possibly the most difficult to control circle ever. I can only imagine!! There are some costume contests out there, I get pushed into circle, but with the fierce competition of F****o in a red nightie... I couldn't even compare!! Like I said, some of us go balls to the wall for these events!! Post circle, the pack takes off. Yeah, my ankle hurts, but eff it! I'm running anyway! We all take the usual lemming route, and I'm usually with 'em. But for a change, I sniff out trail in a diff direction!!

Now, I'm not a strong runner, so for me to be an FRB is a huuuuuge deal. Kind of a bit of a high seeing the rest of the pack bearing down on me. Well, depending on how you look at it… 300+ people in red dresses coming at you could be a bad thing!! Anyways, we are running through not my favorite area of DC, but the residents are cheering and laughing and waving us all on! I push my self much harder then usual and when I finally get to the BC, I am beat tired and breathing heavy. Did I mention I wasn't much of a runner? Yeah, I'm not! I won't delve into any details, but I will say that the check was at a Sex Club in SW DC and was very interesting.

I leave the check with the organizers of this event, and since they have to get there first, we hop a cab and beat everyone back.. But just barely!! Fast a$$ bastards!!! Lucky us, we can bee line it thru the chow line before it gets soooooo insanely long that it's not even funny!! I'm talkin down the hall, down the stairs, around the corner… yeah, it was bad!! Well, post food, the stupid comes back out!! There is dancing to the killer sound system in this place, the 3 bars are pouring non stop, and everyone is having a blast!! There are sooo many people that I want to talk to and haven't seen in a long time that I can barely stay still at one place till I take off for the next!!

it's already 8ish?!?! Wow!! Where did the day go? Well, no worries, on to the after party!! The after party is in a friends house with 50-80 of his new closest friends!! I, being the party genius that I am, stake out one of the 4 chairs in the entire house and grab it for myself!! It's out side on a clear night, and it's just great catching up with everyone over a couple pints. Whenever someone was heading towards the beer, we'd stick our mugs out for a refill. Hey, I'd do it for you guys if the situation was reversed!! Due to lack of seating, many people sat on each others laps so there was no shortage of body heat!! Also, as he does every year he made the most amazing smoked port ever!!! He had 40lbs of the stuff and it was gone in NO TIME!!! Soooooo tasty! And time flies again… the kegs are floated, the party is winding down.

Clearly not finished with this long party day, a couple of us hit the U street strip in search of food and or beer. Ben's Chili Bowl was our first choice, but after we all emptied our pockets and found ZERO cash… we had to move on to another spot. I'm not sure I recall the name of it, but we all had some cheese steaks and traded stories of how the days festivities went down, the strip flip cup games, and all the silliness we'd seen. After some snacks, we catch the train and everyone heads their own way for some much needed R & R. What a great ending to a great day!

Day 5 (back to top)

Imagine being sound asleep after days and days of partying when all of a sudden… your cell goes off!! Ring Ring!! Ugh! Well, it's noonish, I guess time to get up and clean all the red costume off of me!! Hitting the shower is not only much needed, it's fairly amusing as I'm watching the red dye wash off me! It's turning the shampoo suds red, turning the soap red... Wow... persistent stuff. After only 3 shampoo's, it seems to be mostly out. Time to head over and meet up with some folks for a bite of breakfast before going directly into FULL TIME recovery mode!!

Hitting the Silver diner for brunch is just what the doctor ordered. The food is excellent (after the long line to get a table), our server is pretty good too. Recapping over the past few days again is great fun too not to mention hearing about Sweet Tea Infused Vodka… I must try it!! But the highlight is the 60 minutes of baggage jokes going around the table! I'm not sure how we got on this tangent, but damn if it wasn't funny.

Damn... How the hell are you able to even walk? You know, with all that baggage you are carrying!!

Day 6 (back to top)

Monday... is ALSO a day of rest this weekend!! A day filled with Super Mario Galaxy, cleaning out my Tivo, much time spent on the couch recovering, and a glass of water soooo big, it has no business being just one glass!! Oh yeah, and finished off by weekly Chinese food = the recipe for recovery!

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At Wed Oct 15, 04:42:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Sam said...

I hope you did not forget my ruff muff & the PB & J at the sex club. Even drunks could not make that shit up.

At Fri Oct 17, 04:15:00 PM EDT, Blogger Hellions said...

Those are some sexy beasts in that photo by the start of day 4!


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