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Ok, I have been such a worthless slacker when it comes to posting for the past week or so. I've had family in town for a week or so, namely Grandma & my step dad. We were able to enjoy many nice meals together at Chinatown Garden, Lebanese Taverna, Famous Dave's... you get the idea. There was much feasting. We did some touristy stuff, took in a museum or two & visited with some old friends of grand ma's. Over all, it was very nice. I hate to keep using the word nice, but I really can't put it much better. I've never really enjoyed family time very much, so the fact that I was able to enjoy the conversation and company on this family visit was very pleasant and deff. a positive first for me. Perhaps not a first, but a first in quite some time.

Below, I took a photo with my berry in the Ansel Adam's exhibit, it was quite nice and a much needed break from life!


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