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I've been thinking on some of the things I've learned over the years that no one bothered to tell me while I was growing up. Today, I'd like to discuss the concept that your personal Time, Energy, & attention are finite resources. Whether you measure it by the day, by the month or by the year. It all amounts to the same thing, you can only do so much. How about we think of all these items combined into one big pie chart to represent 100% of everything you can do. Let's toss in some of the basic sections…. There is Physical Fitness, a social piece of the pie, also family, financial, professional/career, & well, you get the point. Add in your own for this example as you see fit.

Basically, I'm convinced that I can achieve over 110% for myself yet every time I try it, I prove myself wrong. Put in an extra 25% into social life, and either your physical fitness or your financial or your professional will take the hit. Whether the entire 25% comes out of one category or a portion of it from all three, it's still a hit. Over and over I've tried to find an extra piece of the pie so to speak, but unfortunately, this pie is a finite resource. And I learn this lesson reputedly. Push your self too hard at work or socially, you end up getting sick (ie. Physical Fitness). I could make examples and scenario's up the wazoo, but you get the idea.

Oh, and in case you are wondering what the hell that GE Wind Turbine picture is doing here... that's a play on finite fossil fuels and renewable resources. Get it? Now, if only I could find my own personal GE Wind Turbine device... hmmmm.


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