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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

Door Jam

I started off yesterday evening getting a quick happy hour bite to eat at McFadden's, which is really a wicked cheap spot for happy hour. I had a club wrap with fries, bought a few beers for my buddies and my tab was still only around $12 or so!! That's what I'm talkin about, no more of those $100 happy hours, that's just ridiculous!

As you may well have figured out by now, Thursday is a hashing day so off we go for some trail. This will be the first time I've tried to run on pavement since I busted up my ankle at the monsoon AGM a few weeks ago... is it time? Well, as it turns out it is not!! Running half, getting lost and switching to the walk was the best option for me on this one. As we get to the ending circle, DHS is right behind us. They are very cool about everything, but we still gotta get out of there. Well, lookin like an early night so far, right? Wrong!! We get to The Science Club which I think is a really cool 4 story restaurant/bar in the city. They are playing some great island or reggae music as soon as we walk in and it just really seems to match the feel of the entire evening. The club itself seems very nice and has an upscale feel to it. What are we doing here? Ha! No, seriously, I'm just staying for one round!
Sooo... that one round turned into a couple and some shots and some good times!! I mighta kinda sorta missed the train. Ooops. O well, it happens. A friend of mine wasn't having drinks like the rest of us and happened to have his car nearby... Score!! Let's take it to the house and play some guitar hero, eat lean pockets, & be merry!!

I get to the outside door to my building... turn the key in the lock... and nothing. huh? What? This is the key I used to lock this door. One more try. The door handle is jiggling but nothing is happening. WTF? Who dead bolted the damn door on me?!?! I call my neighbor.. nothin. I call again. Grrrrrrrr. I give it a good solid kick.... Thfwhack!! Surprisingly... nothing. Grrrr..... So the confusion goes on for a few minutes then we start looking for ways to do a little B&E on the house. One guy is throwing pebbles at our neighbors window to see if she'll come down to let us in, another guy is mercilessly beating on the door... well, it would seem all of these strategies came to fruition as my neighbor comes down stairs to find out what all the racket is and let us in.

It appears that our combined assault on the front door has incapacitated a portion of it... namely the deadbolt and the door knob. Crap! Somehow, we are able to work the door to get in but those two items have officially had it. Well, that's not stopping me from some lean pockets and some hang out time with my peeps. Guitar hero here we come!!

Fast forward to this morning... did you know that Lowe's opens at 6am?!?! I had no clue, but I was over there at 730ish getting a new door lock combo and some keys cut. Next, an hour or so of installing some new door locks and it's finally time to catch a shower and head to work. Wow... what a night! Other then the damn door, gooooood times!!


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