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bout Damn Time!

Since I moved here, I've found my weight and body shape fluctuating greatly. Sometimes dropping muscle increasing fat, sometimes increasing fat and dropping muscle... basically, all over the place! Factors have included moving from manual labor into an office job (the worst place to try to be in shape in the history of time!), dating someone, recovering from dating someone, partying waaaaaaaaaaaay too much, a happy hour or 5!! Anyways, you get the idea... I eat poorly, drink, and don't get nearly enough exercise.

Ok, tough talk Nancy boy... what now? Well, it goes in several different lines of attack. First, as you might have read, I bought myself a bike to sub in for local trips rather then driving. Think going to the store, or to the gym, or going to get a hair cut, that sort of thing. It's not far, but it's more exercise then just jumping in my Jeep and going. Next, I'm walking everywhere. To work, going out, you name it. I don't even use a tank of gas every month anymore unless I have to drive out of town.

So the plan is to work towards everyday fitness, I'm hitting the gym... Let's talk nutrition. Am I going to quit going out drinking or stop partying? Not gonna happen!! But perhaps instead of beer, go liquor for less empty calories. Basically, little steps to a goal on the horizons. Oh, and in case all of that doesn't work, I've found a trainer the size of Shrek(w/o the belly) to give me a little extra motivation!!! Let's see if I can undo all the damage since I moved here. Wish me luck!

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At Tue Oct 07, 05:20:00 PM EDT, Blogger Peace O'Chum said...

I am right there with ya. Actually felt the saddle bags jiggling today!

At Thu Oct 09, 06:26:00 AM EDT, Blogger Kristina Buenafe said...

Word, same inspired to stop the "freshman fifteen" before it gets past five!


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