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A night off!

So, I took a night off last night to take care of a few odds and ends and just kick my feet up. I think it was time well spent, and deff helped me out a good bit. I had sooooooooooooo much laundry backed up needing to be done it wasn't even funny. While the wash was doing its thing, I was able to assemble another piece of furniture that needed my swift attention, take out the TON of recycling that really needed not to be in my living room, took care of some finances & hit the store to do some shopping....I actually bought groceries!!! Aaaaak! Well, I snuck in some mixers too!!

Beyond that, it was some guitar hero on the Wii, a little Adult Swim and pinch of Comedy Central. A very quiet night! I gotta get the body and liver ready for another full weekend. Now, if I can only fall asleep before 2ish, that'd be excellent!!!

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