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New Top..

Well, my insurance claims have come to fruition!! Finally, I've got a non holy top and I don't even know what to say!! Wow... i can see throught the back window clear as day!! The fabric isn't faded in the least!! True, it was a minor pain in the a$$ to put the new one on, but how often can you say you replaced the entire roof of your vehicle all by yourself? I think it's pretty cool.

I haven't gotten it out on the highway yet (don't feel like buying gas!!) to see how it is at that speed, but the fabric feels much thicker and more substantial leading me to believe that it might actually be a quieter ride there. I know it needs to stretch and get used to the current frame, other wise, raising and lowering will be a solid PITA(Pain In The A$$)! I'm sure it loooks exactly the same to all of you, but trust me, it's waaaay diff!!!!


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