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Monsoon, The AGM!

Saturday I hit the AGM for the SH!T Hash. Good folks, good times, good…hurricane? Yeah, pretty much. A smarter me would take a hint from the fact that the highway was flooding on the way there, but nooooo, I just went on my merry way to get there. Getting near the property, there was a road closing off to my right where the entire road was flooded over with swift current and even some rapids near the trees (foreshadowing….). I'm feeling all sorts of gung ho about my Jeep and really wanna play in it… buuuut it's wise not to tackle these sort of things alone, so I head on to base camp to get all set up. The lawn is a little bit slushy, but that's where they have everyone parking so whatev. I kick it into 4wheel to keep from tearing up the lawn. Get parked and start some quality hangin out after the crappy morning that started my day.

Ok, so maaaaybe it's monsooning outside, so what? It's just a little water, right? After about 10 minutes, I completely abandon all hope of staying dry on any part of my body and just deal. The activities include, holding down the tent with out getting water in your beer, holding up the supports and moving the entire bar under man power. I know it sounds like manual labor and crappy… but really, it wasn't. It was a great group of people battling a freakin hurricane to have an out door party!! Was it smart? Probably not, but sometimes that's just how much the weather cooperates. At one point, someone was even stuck in the front yard making a giant mud pit out of it… me to the rescue!!! I got the Jeep in position, pulled the steel cable out of my winch drum and latched on to this Chevy Full Size 2500(I think) work/cargo van and started winchin him in. It's not just the weight of the van, it's also the fact that's dug himself into the rut. But my winch is pullin for all it's got and eventually, we get this guy out. Freakin awesome is all I have to say about that!! Yeah, I'm drenched from laying in the mud/grass trying to hook up to the van and standing out in the rain winching, but whatever, he's safe and the winch works like a charm!!

Back to the drinking/setting up the bar. I'm there as more of a bartender then a party-goer. For now, I'm keeping ALL the pitchers filled. It's almost like a full pitcher is a challenge to these folks b/c they are sucken 'em down like there's no tomorrow!! And I keep fillin them pitchers again and again. All of a sudden, we hear someone screaming for help in the distance. Not even thinking twice, I hop the bar counter and take off with a couple other people. As you might know, I'm a strong sprinter, 0.25 sometimes 0.5 miles I'm pretty effing fast. Remember the swift current I mentioned when I first got there? Yeah, well some genius decides that he should try to get thru the tunnel (never mind that the creek has flooded the tunnel and over run the road above it even!!) and has floated down the creek which is now a swift current river complete with rapids rocks and trees!!! We tear off down into the water to see them clinging to a tree in the middle. I catch my foot on a pot hole or tree limb under the water and go down. Luckily, I pop back up before the water starts to get me. With adrenalin rushing, I didn't even know I sprained my ankle and sprinted back to my Jeep to get a tow strap so that we could get the guys out of the water with out getting anyone else trapped in there. Long story short, everyone is out of the river and accounted for just in time for fire trucks and first responders to arrive. All in all, I really felt like it was quite a heroic moment for all of us. Was it dangerous? Probably. But no one skipped a beat to help the people in distress out.

Everyone quickly scurried under the tent so that it looks like just a few isolated people out for a walk, but I'm pretty sure the search and rescue people are smart enough to figure out with all the cars there and people steadily streaming out like a line of ants that there's plenty of us!! That all settles down, and wouldn't you know it?? Nothing left but a clear blue sky!! We all pitch in to mend up the tent, and get the party going again!! The circle is strong, the trail is short but tasty, and the pack is deff thirsty! It would seem that the small pack tore thru 2 coolers of shots on that really really short trail. Hmmm…. Yeah, there are gonna be some smashed people tonight!! Fast-forward a couple hours… and I was right!!! When the liquor bar finally opens, most of the people are already too bleary eyed to even order anything other then some of the beer out of the pitchers. So, serving a few rounds of shots and a TON of pitchers have earned me a break. I go to enjoy some of the pork BBQ which was EXCELLENT!!! Over all the party was good, but as someone else really seemed to enjoy their time behind the bar, I went ahead and made my exit. Combine being drenched all day, with a busted ankle, & a crummy morning… I just wasn't in the party mood. I took it to the house cringing at every shift thanks to my busted ankle.

The next day I woke up to an ankle the size of a freaking softball and with out the ability to walk on my left foot. So, I grit my teeth and get my a$$ to see a doctor. X-rays say that it's not broken, but it sure as hell is swollen. The prognosis - sprained really badly. The treatment… Crutches, air splint, 3 days bed rest, and some Ativan. I tried the whole ignoring the bed rest bit and am at work today, but that was a bad idea. With all the sh!t I've been talking about how I live close to everything and I can walk everywhere… it is truly ironic that now I can't walk!! Go ahead, laugh… it's funny!! Only a couple more days of crutches then I should be good to go.

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