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Kareoke Friday!

How was your weekend party peoples? Mine was ok, you read about the wedding I went to which ended up being sweet, what I didn’t mention was the night before the wedding… Well, a few of us went out!! And by out, I mean we had cocktails and sang some mean karaoke! In our infinite wisdom/geekiness… we had a text off!! One random phrase spoken out to everyone waiting to hear it, the first to text it correctly to the designated number wins!! Needless to say, the blackberry crushed the iCompetition!!!

I won’t go into any more details of the evening, but let it be said that my karaoke is soooo good, that I broke the mic!! Post singing, a couple of us took it to the house for some snacks and Boon Docks DVD’s. Ok, while that’s a great plan… I neglected to mention I don’t actually have anything to cook anything with! So, off we go on a mission to concoct some snacks out of whatever is in my house! The victory came at around 330ish with Maple Glazed Spicy grilled chicken and fries. Way to go D.O.P. for whippin all that goodness up!! I had no idea I even had food in my fridge!

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