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Happy Monday... Again!

Monday is starting to become Happy Hour Monday!! Seriously, while I spend the weekends relaxing, when it comes to the week days, it’s really been time to throw down recently for some reason!! Let’s start off in the city at McFaddens, an excellent little spot in the city that has great specials every day of the week. Half off Everything?? Yeah, SOLD!!! What an excellent way to start the evening. A few of us hung at the bar telling stories, picking on me (just a smidge!) and over all having a great time. My fellow happy hour folks claimed that the bartender was checkin me out or seemed into me… I think she was just trying to keep my glass full and being nice, but then again, she was hella cute... hmmm!! Well, it was getting about that time for everyone to move on, so we tabbed it out and took off. Now, that would be plenty to call it a night for most, but me?? Noooo.

As I’m heading home, I get a text from one of my new Absolutely FAV peoples that she was available for our weekly happy hour... woot!! So, I get changed outta the monkey suit and make ready to go out. We hit one of the best dives in Balston, Buffalo D’s. Good specials, the usual bartender who is very nice and pretty quick too. Her friend joins us for a couple of rounds... let me digress for a minute... I think her friend is so insanely hott that I have a hard time just speaking in her presence... having someone affect me like this might have been cute in middle school or maybe even as a freshman in High School, but at this age I had really thought I grew out of this sort of thing? Ok, quick poll... does this still happen to you or am I just really out of it here? Shoot me an email or leave it as a comment, I'd love to know.

Well, one round leads to another and another, great conversation ensues, some snacks hit the table and the next thing I know, I'm catchin a ride home around 130ish! A little late for a school night true, but good times happen when they happen and that isn’t always on the weekend!!

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At Thu Sep 25, 07:39:00 AM EDT, Blogger Chum said...

I wanna go out for Monday happy hour sometime!

I still can't talk to hot guys at my age. I end up feeling like a doofus.


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