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Effing Pawn Shop!!

As you may well know, I've been selling off the world on Craigslist prior to my move so that I'd have less stuff to move and a little extra cash on hand. Ok, so that's done and I'm all moved in. Next grouping of stuff for sale, my current roommate just left some stuff behind that he didn't want to deal with. Ok, no prob. I go on about my business and continue selling items slowly but surely. The money isn't much, but as long as someone gets to enjoy the item, that's the most important part. Right? Right!

Well all this craigslisting has gotten my families attention, and they have... added a few things to my 'shop'!! While I'm happy for the stuff, I just can't believe that I have this random assortment! Anyone need a bread maker? How about a chest of drawers? Rear channel speakers? You get the idea... ugh.


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