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Renn Fest '08

Another summer has turned to fall and you know what that means? Time to take in another Renn Fest!! This is an excellent money pit that Maryland has created for themselves. There are tons of people in great costumes, as always great shows, and if you'd like to have a couple cold ones while you wander around, they don't even gouge you on it!! The food cost is a little more then the beer (still not bad) but then again it's a bunch of weird items on a stick that you wouldn't find anywhere else I think. They still have pizza and such, but I think that's for the people that work there more so then the people visiting the fair.

As I've done every year, I went to see the Johny Fox show which is really cool but I didn't get a chance to see Squire on the wire this year, sad. As a side note, the show is very cool even though his website makes him look like a total tool. Hack & Slash tho, were VERY funny!

At more then one point in the day, the sky completely opened up!! Lightning.. thunder, giant crocodile tears... made for a hell of a muddy and wet day. Kinda makes you think tho, there was no heated seats back in this day. There was only four walls, a fire place and that's about it. I frequently wonder how many of the people that I see everyday would actually survive back then. The belly dancers made the best of it and just started dancing in the rain to some rowdy chanting and singing from the people in the crowd. Later on, the bag pipe band kicked in to give them even more music.

All in all, a great trip. I went for the poncho for the first rain, but the second and third soaked me pretty good. It's great seeing people that many of us wouldn't even notice on a daily basis completely in their element in this unique setting.


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