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2 Wheel Motion

As everyone fears the upcoming economic end of the world... behold!! My answer to the crisis for me! No money for gas? No prob, ride my bike around! Yeah, it's a freakin huffy, but so what? I've got front and rear suspension on there, Shimano shifters that make up 21 speeds and plenty of tread on the tires. What's better yet? only $25!!! Ha!

Ultimately, the plan is to sub out short term commutes in the Jeep where I spend half the time stuck in traffic and the other half giving it too much gas so that I can hear the exhaust!! Wasteful? Yeah, but damn that exhaust sounds great! Anyways, I figure if I sub out a drive to the local store here and there it'll be good for the check book (I prob won't buy soooo much crap either if I have to tote it on my back!!) and good for the gut as it's cardio instead. And don't worry, I got a snazzy helmet too! So that way the, my noodle is protected!!


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