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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

2 Wheel Motion

As everyone fears the upcoming economic end of the world... behold!! My answer to the crisis for me! No money for gas? No prob, ride my bike around! Yeah, it's a freakin huffy, but so what? I've got front and rear suspension on there, Shimano shifters that make up 21 speeds and plenty of tread on the tires. What's better yet? only $25!!! Ha!

Ultimately, the plan is to sub out short term commutes in the Jeep where I spend half the time stuck in traffic and the other half giving it too much gas so that I can hear the exhaust!! Wasteful? Yeah, but damn that exhaust sounds great! Anyways, I figure if I sub out a drive to the local store here and there it'll be good for the check book (I prob won't buy soooo much crap either if I have to tote it on my back!!) and good for the gut as it's cardio instead. And don't worry, I got a snazzy helmet too! So that way the, my noodle is protected!!


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Happy Birthday

To the greatest man I have ever known. He would have been 89 today. He is remembered by his wife, his sons, his students, and almost anyone that has ever had the privilege of knowing him.

He was a constitutional law and labor law professor at UNC from 1971 until his retirement in 1990. He held two endowed chairs at the law school, including the Henry Brandis chair.

He grew up in Memphis, Tenn., and received a law degree from the University of Virginia and a doctorate from Yale University. He taught law at the University of Mississippi at Oxford from 1953 to 1962. He enraged Mississippi segregationists in the 1950s and ’60s by teaching that school integration was the law of the land.

After he retired, law students endowed an annual Murphy Lecture, which has attracted speakers including U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone, U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno, Rep. John Lewis and U.S. Sen. John Edwards.

Until three years ago, he was an active labor arbitrator who helped settle employment disputes between many companies and government employers and respective unions in North Carolina and surrounding states.

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DC Nites

You know, I give DC a lot of sh!t. It's true, I do. I give it crap for being transient, for the people that it has brought about, for the way it changes good people, etc. But that's not what this random thought is all about. Tonight, as I take the train past one of my very favorite spots... near National Airport at night (do yourself a favor, click the picture to see it full size, it's really nice), I get to see the runway lit up and the planes taking off. You can see monuments in the distance and I think to myself... DC does have a good bit to offer. Access to 3 air ports, a fairly solid metro and bus system that over lap pretty well, decent market that pays well, free museums and zoo's, Monuments out the wazoo... I'm really not sure where I'm going with this. I guess I'm just mind blown that a place that has so much to offer - I don't even notice it on most days. People from out side this area really do tho, they come from miles and miles away just to check it out! Perhaps we (myself included) are just spoiled by having everything at our fingertips here that when we go elsewhere it's hard to compare? Just throwin that out there.

DC... Clearly like no other place on earth!


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Renn Fest '08

Another summer has turned to fall and you know what that means? Time to take in another Renn Fest!! This is an excellent money pit that Maryland has created for themselves. There are tons of people in great costumes, as always great shows, and if you'd like to have a couple cold ones while you wander around, they don't even gouge you on it!! The food cost is a little more then the beer (still not bad) but then again it's a bunch of weird items on a stick that you wouldn't find anywhere else I think. They still have pizza and such, but I think that's for the people that work there more so then the people visiting the fair.

As I've done every year, I went to see the Johny Fox show which is really cool but I didn't get a chance to see Squire on the wire this year, sad. As a side note, the show is very cool even though his website makes him look like a total tool. Hack & Slash tho, were VERY funny!

At more then one point in the day, the sky completely opened up!! Lightning.. thunder, giant crocodile tears... made for a hell of a muddy and wet day. Kinda makes you think tho, there was no heated seats back in this day. There was only four walls, a fire place and that's about it. I frequently wonder how many of the people that I see everyday would actually survive back then. The belly dancers made the best of it and just started dancing in the rain to some rowdy chanting and singing from the people in the crowd. Later on, the bag pipe band kicked in to give them even more music.

All in all, a great trip. I went for the poncho for the first rain, but the second and third soaked me pretty good. It's great seeing people that many of us wouldn't even notice on a daily basis completely in their element in this unique setting.


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Party Bus

As you might well know, for this trip we pooled our money together so that no one would have to drive. Ok, we figured a school bus or a nice van at best... This party bus that pulled up was above and beyond what we paid!! Let's start with tinted privacy glass all over, and if that's not enough for your, sun shades too!! Toss in 10 6x9's (5 on each side of the bus), a handfull of subs under the seats, and an Alpine head unit to push them all. Oh, did I mention that there's a DVD player & PS2 tied to 6 screens too?? Cup holders galore, sink, ice chests... just wow. The ride up there with everyone was one of the most fun parts of this trip!


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Effing Pawn Shop!!

As you may well know, I've been selling off the world on Craigslist prior to my move so that I'd have less stuff to move and a little extra cash on hand. Ok, so that's done and I'm all moved in. Next grouping of stuff for sale, my current roommate just left some stuff behind that he didn't want to deal with. Ok, no prob. I go on about my business and continue selling items slowly but surely. The money isn't much, but as long as someone gets to enjoy the item, that's the most important part. Right? Right!

Well all this craigslisting has gotten my families attention, and they have... added a few things to my 'shop'!! While I'm happy for the stuff, I just can't believe that I have this random assortment! Anyone need a bread maker? How about a chest of drawers? Rear channel speakers? You get the idea... ugh.


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Happy Monday... Again!

Monday is starting to become Happy Hour Monday!! Seriously, while I spend the weekends relaxing, when it comes to the week days, it’s really been time to throw down recently for some reason!! Let’s start off in the city at McFaddens, an excellent little spot in the city that has great specials every day of the week. Half off Everything?? Yeah, SOLD!!! What an excellent way to start the evening. A few of us hung at the bar telling stories, picking on me (just a smidge!) and over all having a great time. My fellow happy hour folks claimed that the bartender was checkin me out or seemed into me… I think she was just trying to keep my glass full and being nice, but then again, she was hella cute... hmmm!! Well, it was getting about that time for everyone to move on, so we tabbed it out and took off. Now, that would be plenty to call it a night for most, but me?? Noooo.

As I’m heading home, I get a text from one of my new Absolutely FAV peoples that she was available for our weekly happy hour... woot!! So, I get changed outta the monkey suit and make ready to go out. We hit one of the best dives in Balston, Buffalo D’s. Good specials, the usual bartender who is very nice and pretty quick too. Her friend joins us for a couple of rounds... let me digress for a minute... I think her friend is so insanely hott that I have a hard time just speaking in her presence... having someone affect me like this might have been cute in middle school or maybe even as a freshman in High School, but at this age I had really thought I grew out of this sort of thing? Ok, quick poll... does this still happen to you or am I just really out of it here? Shoot me an email or leave it as a comment, I'd love to know.

Well, one round leads to another and another, great conversation ensues, some snacks hit the table and the next thing I know, I'm catchin a ride home around 130ish! A little late for a school night true, but good times happen when they happen and that isn’t always on the weekend!!

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Kareoke Friday!

How was your weekend party peoples? Mine was ok, you read about the wedding I went to which ended up being sweet, what I didn’t mention was the night before the wedding… Well, a few of us went out!! And by out, I mean we had cocktails and sang some mean karaoke! In our infinite wisdom/geekiness… we had a text off!! One random phrase spoken out to everyone waiting to hear it, the first to text it correctly to the designated number wins!! Needless to say, the blackberry crushed the iCompetition!!!

I won’t go into any more details of the evening, but let it be said that my karaoke is soooo good, that I broke the mic!! Post singing, a couple of us took it to the house for some snacks and Boon Docks DVD’s. Ok, while that’s a great plan… I neglected to mention I don’t actually have anything to cook anything with! So, off we go on a mission to concoct some snacks out of whatever is in my house! The victory came at around 330ish with Maple Glazed Spicy grilled chicken and fries. Way to go D.O.P. for whippin all that goodness up!! I had no idea I even had food in my fridge!

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Wedding Season

My travels have found me up in PA today at a wedding of my coworker from my very first job in DC!! As usual, I'm posting this pic now and will come back to edit this post when I get to a PC so check back soon!

Maybe I've been to too many weddings, but for me, I attend these weddings and honestly wish the best for the bride and groom. I really do hope that they'll last the test of time, but some couples, you can just call it... they'll be done in a year, or two or however long. Rarely do I see a couple that seems to fit so well and is so happy with one another that I genuinely think they'll last the test of time. So, to you Bob & Melissa, I really wish you the best of the best!!


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New Top..

Well, my insurance claims have come to fruition!! Finally, I've got a non holy top and I don't even know what to say!! Wow... i can see throught the back window clear as day!! The fabric isn't faded in the least!! True, it was a minor pain in the a$$ to put the new one on, but how often can you say you replaced the entire roof of your vehicle all by yourself? I think it's pretty cool.

I haven't gotten it out on the highway yet (don't feel like buying gas!!) to see how it is at that speed, but the fabric feels much thicker and more substantial leading me to believe that it might actually be a quieter ride there. I know it needs to stretch and get used to the current frame, other wise, raising and lowering will be a solid PITA(Pain In The A$$)! I'm sure it loooks exactly the same to all of you, but trust me, it's waaaay diff!!!!


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Jager Bombs

Mmmmmmm.... Happy hour!!

Needless to say it was an awesome time!! In fact, one of the best I've had in a hot minute!!


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Dinna is Served

If you are anything like me, you enjoy the finer things in life. And nice beverage and a bite to eat. They kind of go hand in hand, don’t they? As I have been going out here and there I’ve been noticing a bit of a pattern. You eat, you drink, you eat, you drink and so on and so forth. Did you ever stop to think on the crap that you eat when you are out at happy hours? I'm not talking about the fat content or caloric value or any of that, I'm thinking more along the lines of how bizzare some of the items we put together are. Take last night for example, I spent a little time at Modern Continental Lounge and had a few snacks and that was about it for dinner. Ok, nothing out of the ordinary.

Take that same meal, and change the setting.... Imagine your butler walking in with a plate of fine china covered with a silver lid. He removes it, immediately a puff of steam escapes and the aroma of fresh potatoes and chicken fill the room. You are in heaven thinking on this fine meal you are about to enjoy then you hear him say in a heavy british accent...

Dinner is served sir. This evening may I present for you 3 french fries, 2 chicken wings, and an assortment of tortilla chips. Bon appetite!

I'm not sure why, but that scene had me busting a gut laughing this morning as I was walking to work. It would seem that 2 chicken wings, 3 french fries, and a few tortilla chips a complete meal do not make!


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30 mins my a$$...

Pizza hut... Domino's... They think they are fast. Try this on for size... 6 minutes including prep time!! Bless you saute pan, bless you!!! In case you can't tell from the pic, that's seared & grilled chicken breast, broccoli florets, creamy alfredo and cheese sauce and shredded parmesan (not pictured) tossed together with an extra hit of salt and pepper to taste.

6 mins.. where you @?


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The Good, The Bad, and the Crutchin?

Since my Saturday escapades have left my foot/ankle combo mildly messed up, I've had the pleasure of being on crutches. I've hobbled here, I've hobbled there, I've hobbled everywhere!! Ha!! No, seriously my doc gave me a stay off your damn foot pass to not go to work, but as usual, I was stubborn and tried to get around anyway. Wow.. Bad idea!!! Just trying to get half a block down the street finds me red in the face and focusing on not falling over on these damned things. I know, they are doing what they are supposed to do and that is keep the weight off the ankle, but they really don't make getting around much easier then if I was just hopping!

Having learned this lesson the hard way, I decided to take the doctor up on his get out of work free card. I spent the past 3 days working from home… and let me tell you folks… Yes! It's everything you ever thought it could be. Start the day working in bed on the lap top, then move to the couch, grab some breakfast outta the fridge instead of spending money on it. Well, other then the spending money part, I do really enjoy catching a bite with my co-workers. They are a great group of folks. But I digress. With these days of working from home and not commuting, I feel rested… finally!! I mean, when did sleeping in become until 8am - that is sooo sooo wrong.

Anyways, as I've been known to do when I'm at home, every time I get up, I'm tidying something up. That's just what I do, I know, a little OCD. But I'm pleased to report, the house is coming together quite nicely!! I even had a few people stop by to check it out the other day. Not something I would have done a few weeks ago as I still was in the process of having no furniture and unpacking boxes. Now… I think I'm in need of an additional wall piece for the bed room, but for the most part, I feel kinda done with the place. I got myself some plates and some silverware, so I can make a samich with out stressin to find a knife!!!

Along comes Thursday and my ankle seems to be feeling better. Great!! The sun is shining, birds chirping and I can get out of the house for a little while and move around on my own!! Knowing me, you probably know where this story is going. A few errands turn into a few more errands which then turns into going out… and well… let's just say a smarter version of me wouldn't be climbing a damn 20ft tall fence with an ankle brace on!!! But the smart me wasn't available to come out and play last night, so the party boi took his place!! So, here I sit with my swollen ankle propped up…again! Oh well, the night out was good times and it's supposed to be rainy tonight = a perfect night to lounge about with my ankle propped up!!

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Monsoon, The AGM!

Saturday I hit the AGM for the SH!T Hash. Good folks, good times, good…hurricane? Yeah, pretty much. A smarter me would take a hint from the fact that the highway was flooding on the way there, but nooooo, I just went on my merry way to get there. Getting near the property, there was a road closing off to my right where the entire road was flooded over with swift current and even some rapids near the trees (foreshadowing….). I'm feeling all sorts of gung ho about my Jeep and really wanna play in it… buuuut it's wise not to tackle these sort of things alone, so I head on to base camp to get all set up. The lawn is a little bit slushy, but that's where they have everyone parking so whatev. I kick it into 4wheel to keep from tearing up the lawn. Get parked and start some quality hangin out after the crappy morning that started my day.

Ok, so maaaaybe it's monsooning outside, so what? It's just a little water, right? After about 10 minutes, I completely abandon all hope of staying dry on any part of my body and just deal. The activities include, holding down the tent with out getting water in your beer, holding up the supports and moving the entire bar under man power. I know it sounds like manual labor and crappy… but really, it wasn't. It was a great group of people battling a freakin hurricane to have an out door party!! Was it smart? Probably not, but sometimes that's just how much the weather cooperates. At one point, someone was even stuck in the front yard making a giant mud pit out of it… me to the rescue!!! I got the Jeep in position, pulled the steel cable out of my winch drum and latched on to this Chevy Full Size 2500(I think) work/cargo van and started winchin him in. It's not just the weight of the van, it's also the fact that's dug himself into the rut. But my winch is pullin for all it's got and eventually, we get this guy out. Freakin awesome is all I have to say about that!! Yeah, I'm drenched from laying in the mud/grass trying to hook up to the van and standing out in the rain winching, but whatever, he's safe and the winch works like a charm!!

Back to the drinking/setting up the bar. I'm there as more of a bartender then a party-goer. For now, I'm keeping ALL the pitchers filled. It's almost like a full pitcher is a challenge to these folks b/c they are sucken 'em down like there's no tomorrow!! And I keep fillin them pitchers again and again. All of a sudden, we hear someone screaming for help in the distance. Not even thinking twice, I hop the bar counter and take off with a couple other people. As you might know, I'm a strong sprinter, 0.25 sometimes 0.5 miles I'm pretty effing fast. Remember the swift current I mentioned when I first got there? Yeah, well some genius decides that he should try to get thru the tunnel (never mind that the creek has flooded the tunnel and over run the road above it even!!) and has floated down the creek which is now a swift current river complete with rapids rocks and trees!!! We tear off down into the water to see them clinging to a tree in the middle. I catch my foot on a pot hole or tree limb under the water and go down. Luckily, I pop back up before the water starts to get me. With adrenalin rushing, I didn't even know I sprained my ankle and sprinted back to my Jeep to get a tow strap so that we could get the guys out of the water with out getting anyone else trapped in there. Long story short, everyone is out of the river and accounted for just in time for fire trucks and first responders to arrive. All in all, I really felt like it was quite a heroic moment for all of us. Was it dangerous? Probably. But no one skipped a beat to help the people in distress out.

Everyone quickly scurried under the tent so that it looks like just a few isolated people out for a walk, but I'm pretty sure the search and rescue people are smart enough to figure out with all the cars there and people steadily streaming out like a line of ants that there's plenty of us!! That all settles down, and wouldn't you know it?? Nothing left but a clear blue sky!! We all pitch in to mend up the tent, and get the party going again!! The circle is strong, the trail is short but tasty, and the pack is deff thirsty! It would seem that the small pack tore thru 2 coolers of shots on that really really short trail. Hmmm…. Yeah, there are gonna be some smashed people tonight!! Fast-forward a couple hours… and I was right!!! When the liquor bar finally opens, most of the people are already too bleary eyed to even order anything other then some of the beer out of the pitchers. So, serving a few rounds of shots and a TON of pitchers have earned me a break. I go to enjoy some of the pork BBQ which was EXCELLENT!!! Over all the party was good, but as someone else really seemed to enjoy their time behind the bar, I went ahead and made my exit. Combine being drenched all day, with a busted ankle, & a crummy morning… I just wasn't in the party mood. I took it to the house cringing at every shift thanks to my busted ankle.

The next day I woke up to an ankle the size of a freaking softball and with out the ability to walk on my left foot. So, I grit my teeth and get my a$$ to see a doctor. X-rays say that it's not broken, but it sure as hell is swollen. The prognosis - sprained really badly. The treatment… Crutches, air splint, 3 days bed rest, and some Ativan. I tried the whole ignoring the bed rest bit and am at work today, but that was a bad idea. With all the sh!t I've been talking about how I live close to everything and I can walk everywhere… it is truly ironic that now I can't walk!! Go ahead, laugh… it's funny!! Only a couple more days of crutches then I should be good to go.

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What to say about my weekend? Well, there was much going on there I don't even know where to begin. As I've been writing over the years (OMG… can't believe it's been years!) I have always tried to keep my posts upbeat no matter what is going on with my life. And for the most part I think I've done a great job. Save for a few bad things that happened to me, and some of those I just didn't mention b/c well, I just like to write about the lighter side of my life and thoughts. Anyways, that being said, for the past few weeks, I have felt like the luckiest guy in the world. I would elaborate, but I really don't wanna. I suggest everyone entertain this feeling at least once in your life. I'll grant you that it sucks when its gone, but it was nothing short of amazing while it lasted.

Now, onto more specific details of the weekend. First off, I hit the store Friday night and pick up some essentials for the new place. Seeing as how I tried to make myself a bite to eat the other day only to find that I had no fork to eat it with!! Ok, that's 1 part funny but also 1 part sad. When it's time to shop… well, it's time to shop!! Let's get some silver ware…check! I can now make a samich (well… once I wash it and take it outta the box that is!)!! But why stop there? Let's pick up a pot/pan set, some metal mixing bowels, and measuring devices of all sizes. And to complete this kitchen spending spree… A set of Wusthof Gourmet Series knives. I've been drooling over this knife set for a while!! I figured, you know.. Now is the time rather then continuously buying cheapies that I'm pissed off with that can't cut a damned tomato or slice bread!! I have gotten mildly partial to having a Santoku knife, so I'll have to pick one of those up to add to my collection. But all in all, the glassware is unpacked, I have a shiny new knife block/set, pots/pans, and even silver ware!! Wow… it's like someone lives here or something!

I cooked up a nice Salmon Steak dinner, the skin was able to crisp every so delicately, the salmon itself… browned beautifully was accompanied by sautéed asparagus and baby red potatoes. Clearly, an excellent and filling meal. Yum indeed! I'm certain I ate waaaay too much there! The evening was finished off with an assortment of mini pastries (store bought) but I was too stuffed for that. Wow… I guess I still can cook!! Who knew?

Post dinner.. I got to watch one of my Favorite movies!! I won't call it a good movie, but deff one of my favorite movies. There's an all knowing and wise dishwasher…"So, when things in your life become stagnant - you know, you're no longer happy with what you're doing - then you figure out what's important to you. Then create your own penis-showing game." - that's deep Bishop, Thanks! ...what's not to like about this movie?? For any of you that have ever spent any amount of time in food service, you will be able to relate this movie. Anyone that hasn't, (other then the food part…that's just gross) this is a pretty accurate portrayal of staff from the industry perspective.

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A night off!

So, I took a night off last night to take care of a few odds and ends and just kick my feet up. I think it was time well spent, and deff helped me out a good bit. I had sooooooooooooo much laundry backed up needing to be done it wasn't even funny. While the wash was doing its thing, I was able to assemble another piece of furniture that needed my swift attention, take out the TON of recycling that really needed not to be in my living room, took care of some finances & hit the store to do some shopping....I actually bought groceries!!! Aaaaak! Well, I snuck in some mixers too!!

Beyond that, it was some guitar hero on the Wii, a little Adult Swim and pinch of Comedy Central. A very quiet night! I gotta get the body and liver ready for another full weekend. Now, if I can only fall asleep before 2ish, that'd be excellent!!!

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You know, I have plenty on my mind. It's racing in fact. Topics to write about, idea's to discuss. Celebrations, concerns, questions, you name it. But today, I just don't feel like writing too much. I deff wanted to post something, even if it was just to say blaaaaah. =)

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Wow....nice little rooftop party, nice view. I'll deff have more to say about this soon!

Although the day and the weekend have been very very busy, I had to take a minute to go out and socialize. Hey... it's what I do!! I've spent the bulk of my day moving furniture, unpacking boxes, and renting/returning a uhaul trailer. I had to get a trailer last minute when the rental truck I was going to be using just didn't work out. Labor day weekend... everyone is over booked!! After many hours, most everything is moved in or out and my Jeep is back to the transmission is cooling off and the trailer is back on the lot from whence It came!!

So, we hit the metro and catch the train...rather quickly for a change!! Despite the yawns and nearly falling asleep in transit, we make our way. Upon getting off the train, we walk thru a neighborhood that, shall we say has it's good parts and bad. Expensive a$$ apartments on one block, sh!tty neighborhood on the next. WTF? Well, that's just part of the game when you are trying to bring up the quality of an area. We finally get to a really nice brand new building off the main road and away from the steady stream of police sirens zooming past. There aren't that many, but it's still a steady stream every few minutes.

This Condo is brand spankin new with secured entry, a shiny new elevator, and nice carpeting. As we enter, you see wood flooring under your feet, brand new beautiful kitchen with bar on your left, and some conspicuous stairs directly ahead and to the right. Did I mention the ceiling was huuuuge? At any rate, I'm told there are two bedrooms off of this main floor. I believe you, but all I could do was make my way up the stairs to a mysterious loft!! This loft is in a room by itself with two of the walls made entirely of glass overlooking the roof line!! Wow... how nice!! I'm not sure I could sleep there, but, really really nice!!

The loft has a door that opens into a rooftop deck that's the size of Half the building!!! The deck has a nice grill, pool side style wooden table and chairs with an umbrella, and even a few refreshments in the style of a keg of beer. The picture above is over looking the roof line of the buildings in the area. You can almost see the Washington Monument in the distance. There are some nice folks there, well dressed and fun. Some I know, some I don't. It was a good night. The apartment was really nice, but the streets down below I don't care for one bit. Next time, I'm cabbin it!!

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