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They're Still Sh!tty

While spending a week in Cleveland for work, I decided to try to take in the local culture. I walked the streets a bit to see what I could see. Well, what I saw was the mall closing at 7! Wtf?? I tried to buy some vitamins at the GNC at 6:50, the girl had not only locked the door, but ducked under the fcuking counter when I peeked thru the glass to figure out why anything was closed at this time. Wow.... That's a bitch move if I ever saw one!!

Ok, whatever. There's some crowds actually walking somewhere, so out of sheer boredom I just followed 'em. Hmmmm... a chance to be part of an out of town mob? Why not!! As it turns out, the Indians are playing the baseball equivalent of the toilet bowl! Battling the Kansas City Royals for last place. As strange as it sounds, I could totally get into this lethargic ass I don't give a sh!t crowd. It's actually quite awesome! I threw a $20 spot down and even got PLENTY of change!! Battling all the tumble weed to my nose bleed seats was quite challenging.... Especially carrying a few beers! You know, I think I'm sitting near where the super fans from Major League set up their drum and tee-pee!!

If you know me, you know I really don't care about sports, but this is a pretty cool experience. I don't think I fit in here at all (I don't look the part and know nothing about baseball), but after watching the Browns loose last night in a local bar and taking in today's Indians game I'm really feeling like I'm getting the feel of this city.

On second thought, either they are playing a really sh!tty team or they aren't that bad.... Just saw my second home run!! And come to think of it, combined with me having a few beers and a hot dog at the park and this could be the MOST sports-like post I've ever put up!

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