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Wow....nice little rooftop party, nice view. I'll deff have more to say about this soon!

Although the day and the weekend have been very very busy, I had to take a minute to go out and socialize. Hey... it's what I do!! I've spent the bulk of my day moving furniture, unpacking boxes, and renting/returning a uhaul trailer. I had to get a trailer last minute when the rental truck I was going to be using just didn't work out. Labor day weekend... everyone is over booked!! After many hours, most everything is moved in or out and my Jeep is back to the transmission is cooling off and the trailer is back on the lot from whence It came!!

So, we hit the metro and catch the train...rather quickly for a change!! Despite the yawns and nearly falling asleep in transit, we make our way. Upon getting off the train, we walk thru a neighborhood that, shall we say has it's good parts and bad. Expensive a$$ apartments on one block, sh!tty neighborhood on the next. WTF? Well, that's just part of the game when you are trying to bring up the quality of an area. We finally get to a really nice brand new building off the main road and away from the steady stream of police sirens zooming past. There aren't that many, but it's still a steady stream every few minutes.

This Condo is brand spankin new with secured entry, a shiny new elevator, and nice carpeting. As we enter, you see wood flooring under your feet, brand new beautiful kitchen with bar on your left, and some conspicuous stairs directly ahead and to the right. Did I mention the ceiling was huuuuge? At any rate, I'm told there are two bedrooms off of this main floor. I believe you, but all I could do was make my way up the stairs to a mysterious loft!! This loft is in a room by itself with two of the walls made entirely of glass overlooking the roof line!! Wow... how nice!! I'm not sure I could sleep there, but, really really nice!!

The loft has a door that opens into a rooftop deck that's the size of Half the building!!! The deck has a nice grill, pool side style wooden table and chairs with an umbrella, and even a few refreshments in the style of a keg of beer. The picture above is over looking the roof line of the buildings in the area. You can almost see the Washington Monument in the distance. There are some nice folks there, well dressed and fun. Some I know, some I don't. It was a good night. The apartment was really nice, but the streets down below I don't care for one bit. Next time, I'm cabbin it!!

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