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Today, let's just chat. We can talk about the weather if you wish. It's currently over cast and is thinking about raining, but it's not gonna. Why? B/c I haven't washed my Jeep, that's why!! On the Jeep note, I'm getting a new top which is very exciting!!! I finally used my auto insurance for me, not against me. The hole in the roof is covered both by them and currently by some black duct tape!! New top? Check!

With every move, no matter how cheap you are trying to make it, come moving expenses. Maybe they are in the cost of the truck, or the cost of pizza/beer for your moving help, or new furniture etc. The point is, moving is expensive, a huge time sucker, and a bit of a pain in the a$$!! New bedroom furniture? Check!

In the current move, I'm moving to a decent sized place with an honest to god dining room. Not just one big cavern of a room that builders just tell you to split up into two rooms. If I was in the latter, knowing me I'd just get an obnoxious TV and have one big a$$ed living room. But here, that's not the case. This time, I've purchased my very first dining room set!!! Unless you count a coffee table with some chairs borrowed chairs from the pool a dining room table that is!! New dining room furniture? Check!!

For months, I've been trying to get the titling information straightened out on my Jeep. Days at the DMV, hours on the phone with the DMV and the F&I companies. Each refusing to talk to the other!!! Both myself and my grandfather were on the title since when I moved here, I really had barely decent enough credit to pick up a used Hyundai Accent!! Well, today, I've finally kicked Chrysler F&I to the curb and gone Navy FCU. Not only is my credit better, but to the point where I've been able to refi (I had 36 months to go and I'm taking out a 36 month loan) on my own for almost half the interest rate which translates into a decent little monthly savings!!! Refi? Better Credit? Check & Check!!

Over the past years whether I was in the Mountains of NC, or in other parts of NC, or living in DC - I've been dealing with one cable company for cable, Internet, DVR, you get the jist. When cable first came out, it was the greatest things since sliced bread. Not super pricey, but really cool. Great reception, picture quality...blah blah blah. You can wiki the history if you'd like. But the price has grown and grown and grown to the point where $150/month cable/Internet bill is common even withOUT premium channels. WTF? Am I cheap or is that just a little excessive? So, I'm doing the unthinkable!!! I'm going to try to go with out cable/DVR. I hear tale people are taking bets on when I'll crack. I hope I'm wrong, but I give myself a month before I cave! Trying to go with no cable? Check!!


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