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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...


Alright sports fans, you have seen me do a little partying, a little going out, etc. None of it really shocks you anymore, right? Right! Well, allow me to introduce my most recent bender..... the month of July! Omg... Going out a little here and there is one thing (I'm not complaining by the way - I had a blast) but I spent almost every day out. Almost every school night and party night… out and about. Movies, bars, restaurants, parties, happy hours, you name it… I was there!! Grand total for this recent one month bender?? Approx $2,000!!!!

You might be saying to yourself…. Holy sh!t?!?!?!? Isn't that a bit out of control? Why yes, yes it is! So, until further notice, I'm grounded!! I'm not sure what that really entails, but damn I can't keep having months like that over and over again, that's for sure! Fun or no, I can't spend like a rock star even if I CAN party like one!!

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