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Yeah, Cleveland. I've spent the past few days here on business. And as my previous post mentioned, have been trying to take in the local culture. Now, I don't really want to write an entire long post, but what I will do is post some pix and talk about 'em. Deal? Deal!!

This is the view from my hotel. 14th Floor, two doors down from the concierge lounge. I'm pretty sure I'm about the only person in there that really wants to watch cartoon network!! Damn you C-SPAN!!

This was a cool little place, I had dinner here my first night. It's a blues bar/restaurant. The strange thing is that at 9pm on a Sunday, I closed that place down. As I've been finding out through out the week, everything closes kind of early here.

A photo of the fountain in my hotel lobby. The Renaissance appears to be quite a nice place with three restaurants in the building and connected to the nice new underground mall next door.

This little thing of hair gel cost me $4!! Ok, wtf? A bucket of this crap doesn't cost $4!!

I went to a cool bar called the Winking Lizard Monday night, ended up watching the browns game there. Poor browns, will they ever have a good year again?? The sign on the women's room door was extra funny to me!

I picked up a cheaaaap ticket, but the ballpark was so empty, I didn't actually find my seat. Rather I just sat wherever. The local fans, as I stated were pretty cool.

A shot of home plate from my seat....well, the one I ended up in!

I can't believe what a high scoring game this was, as it turns out, the Indians won 15-13. I was there for at least two home runs!

Cleveland is, I'm told, known for their Reuben sandwiches. And one of the best local spots is Karl's deli. I had to give it a shot. This is the thickness of their SMALL sandwich!! Damn tasty, I'd eat there again. I think they had one of the hardest working waitress' ever there. She had tables, ran the register and made the damn food too!?!?

A view from the building I was working in. There's the stadium, you can see the water front, and the rock N roll hall of fame is off to the right. It seems Cleveland has really invested a ton in itself. I really hope the city bounces back and gets hott!!

I really like dancing fountains. This fountain has over 10 jets and dances to music from a couple Bose speakers near by. Very cool!!

I have no idea what this is. Art I presume. It's a sculpture of a giant Free stamp. Maybe it means something that I'm just missing? Your thoughts?

This is 4th st. The entire street has been blocked off for pedestrian traffic only. Bars line both sides of the street, it's a great area anchored by a bar/bowling alley (I'm told that's quite popular here) and The House of Blues!! You are probably asking the same thing I was... where are the people??

All in all, I like Cleveland. This little place has soooo much to offer. It's clear that the govt. is investing money in the area. Brand new Baseball stadium, the football stadium isn't old either, new malls, building new waterfront property, there's a huge venue for shows, there's a train system called the rapid.... To put it another way, it looks like a great city, but where are the people??? I fear that Forbes doomed Cleveland with their lists of places not to live. I hope to see this place thrive one day!!

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At Thu Aug 21, 08:01:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Word Perv said...

That sign on the women's restroom - she looks like she has a mullet!!! SWEET!!!! ;)


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