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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

Happy Birthday Blog!!!

OMG... can you believe you are 3 years old???? It seems like just yesterday I started writing this blog b/c of a story that people kept asking me about and I thought to myself... Self, why don't you just post my story in a central location for all to read? EUREKA!! And thus, this adventure was born. I hope you've had a good time reading it, I know I have!!


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Random Bits

Today, let's just chat. We can talk about the weather if you wish. It's currently over cast and is thinking about raining, but it's not gonna. Why? B/c I haven't washed my Jeep, that's why!! On the Jeep note, I'm getting a new top which is very exciting!!! I finally used my auto insurance for me, not against me. The hole in the roof is covered both by them and currently by some black duct tape!! New top? Check!

With every move, no matter how cheap you are trying to make it, come moving expenses. Maybe they are in the cost of the truck, or the cost of pizza/beer for your moving help, or new furniture etc. The point is, moving is expensive, a huge time sucker, and a bit of a pain in the a$$!! New bedroom furniture? Check!

In the current move, I'm moving to a decent sized place with an honest to god dining room. Not just one big cavern of a room that builders just tell you to split up into two rooms. If I was in the latter, knowing me I'd just get an obnoxious TV and have one big a$$ed living room. But here, that's not the case. This time, I've purchased my very first dining room set!!! Unless you count a coffee table with some chairs borrowed chairs from the pool a dining room table that is!! New dining room furniture? Check!!

For months, I've been trying to get the titling information straightened out on my Jeep. Days at the DMV, hours on the phone with the DMV and the F&I companies. Each refusing to talk to the other!!! Both myself and my grandfather were on the title since when I moved here, I really had barely decent enough credit to pick up a used Hyundai Accent!! Well, today, I've finally kicked Chrysler F&I to the curb and gone Navy FCU. Not only is my credit better, but to the point where I've been able to refi (I had 36 months to go and I'm taking out a 36 month loan) on my own for almost half the interest rate which translates into a decent little monthly savings!!! Refi? Better Credit? Check & Check!!

Over the past years whether I was in the Mountains of NC, or in other parts of NC, or living in DC - I've been dealing with one cable company for cable, Internet, DVR, you get the jist. When cable first came out, it was the greatest things since sliced bread. Not super pricey, but really cool. Great reception, picture quality...blah blah blah. You can wiki the history if you'd like. But the price has grown and grown and grown to the point where $150/month cable/Internet bill is common even withOUT premium channels. WTF? Am I cheap or is that just a little excessive? So, I'm doing the unthinkable!!! I'm going to try to go with out cable/DVR. I hear tale people are taking bets on when I'll crack. I hope I'm wrong, but I give myself a month before I cave! Trying to go with no cable? Check!!


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Moving! (Again!)

You know, I keep thinking I have a lot to say on this subject. As the title might have mentioned, yes I'm moving again. But really, I think I just like this picture. Kind of makes me think of how my current move is going. Almost everything in the load at a time. I had to have some help with the bed, but other then that, i honestly think the jeep could do it all!!! I'd just need to tie it all down to the roof like these clever fellas pictured here!!
But seriously, I'm moving back to my old hood that I used to live in when I first moved to DC and I couldn't be happier about it. I'm all of 3 blocks to the metro, so the rising cost of gas shouldn't be hitting me all that hard!!! Right now, my moving costs are really starting to add up... New bedroom furniture, new dining room, new this, new that, security deposit... well, you know how it goes. But it's kind of nice... The whole moving with nothing concept. For one, you don't have to have many people help you. That's a great thing too b/c I know how awkward we all feel trying to hustle our friends into helping us move. I get to start fresh with decor and design and organization... this is really a great opportunity for me to clean up shop, stream line what I've got and tidy it up!!
One thing I'm going to try out, is not getting cable. This will be about the first time I'll be trying this plan... but at around $150/month for Comcast, that's just one expense I can try to do with out. Besides, a. I watch too much TV. & b. I have whatever on DVD if I really need a fix. & c. Maybe I'll give Netflix a shot at $5/month - that's the ticket!! This week, i don't even have a TV and quite honestly, I haven't had time to miss it!! - wow... Never thought I had have that thought!! Well, raise your glasses to me trying to get myself all situated in my new place. I'm sure I'll have some of you locals over to check the place out!! ...once I stock the bar of course!


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I finally got to ride in one of those little shuttles in an airport!!! I guess being hung over counts to get on the special shuttle! I know, possibly a little silly, but I've always wanted to ride on one. Just feel so damned important while everyone else is walking along. Two thumbs up! Everyone should try it!

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So..... What will you do for a free beer? says the guy wearing the little red tank top.

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Yeah, Cleveland. I've spent the past few days here on business. And as my previous post mentioned, have been trying to take in the local culture. Now, I don't really want to write an entire long post, but what I will do is post some pix and talk about 'em. Deal? Deal!!

This is the view from my hotel. 14th Floor, two doors down from the concierge lounge. I'm pretty sure I'm about the only person in there that really wants to watch cartoon network!! Damn you C-SPAN!!

This was a cool little place, I had dinner here my first night. It's a blues bar/restaurant. The strange thing is that at 9pm on a Sunday, I closed that place down. As I've been finding out through out the week, everything closes kind of early here.

A photo of the fountain in my hotel lobby. The Renaissance appears to be quite a nice place with three restaurants in the building and connected to the nice new underground mall next door.

This little thing of hair gel cost me $4!! Ok, wtf? A bucket of this crap doesn't cost $4!!

I went to a cool bar called the Winking Lizard Monday night, ended up watching the browns game there. Poor browns, will they ever have a good year again?? The sign on the women's room door was extra funny to me!

I picked up a cheaaaap ticket, but the ballpark was so empty, I didn't actually find my seat. Rather I just sat wherever. The local fans, as I stated were pretty cool.

A shot of home plate from my seat....well, the one I ended up in!

I can't believe what a high scoring game this was, as it turns out, the Indians won 15-13. I was there for at least two home runs!

Cleveland is, I'm told, known for their Reuben sandwiches. And one of the best local spots is Karl's deli. I had to give it a shot. This is the thickness of their SMALL sandwich!! Damn tasty, I'd eat there again. I think they had one of the hardest working waitress' ever there. She had tables, ran the register and made the damn food too!?!?

A view from the building I was working in. There's the stadium, you can see the water front, and the rock N roll hall of fame is off to the right. It seems Cleveland has really invested a ton in itself. I really hope the city bounces back and gets hott!!

I really like dancing fountains. This fountain has over 10 jets and dances to music from a couple Bose speakers near by. Very cool!!

I have no idea what this is. Art I presume. It's a sculpture of a giant Free stamp. Maybe it means something that I'm just missing? Your thoughts?

This is 4th st. The entire street has been blocked off for pedestrian traffic only. Bars line both sides of the street, it's a great area anchored by a bar/bowling alley (I'm told that's quite popular here) and The House of Blues!! You are probably asking the same thing I was... where are the people??

All in all, I like Cleveland. This little place has soooo much to offer. It's clear that the govt. is investing money in the area. Brand new Baseball stadium, the football stadium isn't old either, new malls, building new waterfront property, there's a huge venue for shows, there's a train system called the rapid.... To put it another way, it looks like a great city, but where are the people??? I fear that Forbes doomed Cleveland with their lists of places not to live. I hope to see this place thrive one day!!

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They're Still Sh!tty

While spending a week in Cleveland for work, I decided to try to take in the local culture. I walked the streets a bit to see what I could see. Well, what I saw was the mall closing at 7! Wtf?? I tried to buy some vitamins at the GNC at 6:50, the girl had not only locked the door, but ducked under the fcuking counter when I peeked thru the glass to figure out why anything was closed at this time. Wow.... That's a bitch move if I ever saw one!!

Ok, whatever. There's some crowds actually walking somewhere, so out of sheer boredom I just followed 'em. Hmmmm... a chance to be part of an out of town mob? Why not!! As it turns out, the Indians are playing the baseball equivalent of the toilet bowl! Battling the Kansas City Royals for last place. As strange as it sounds, I could totally get into this lethargic ass I don't give a sh!t crowd. It's actually quite awesome! I threw a $20 spot down and even got PLENTY of change!! Battling all the tumble weed to my nose bleed seats was quite challenging.... Especially carrying a few beers! You know, I think I'm sitting near where the super fans from Major League set up their drum and tee-pee!!

If you know me, you know I really don't care about sports, but this is a pretty cool experience. I don't think I fit in here at all (I don't look the part and know nothing about baseball), but after watching the Browns loose last night in a local bar and taking in today's Indians game I'm really feeling like I'm getting the feel of this city.

On second thought, either they are playing a really sh!tty team or they aren't that bad.... Just saw my second home run!! And come to think of it, combined with me having a few beers and a hot dog at the park and this could be the MOST sports-like post I've ever put up!

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Dragon Joose??

As I'm traveling northbound from an excellent weekend in NC, I have to stop for yet another DC to keep me awake on the trip back (you can thank a handle of Cap'n for that one, but that's a whole other story). I of course need to peruse the booze selection to check out the local flavor. Usual, normal, Sparks, super Sparks, and wait a minute.... What IS this? Ginseng? Caffeine? Malt liquor? And 9.9%? Super Sparks, you might have just been bitch slapped by a beverage that is soooooo insane it can be called nothing other then dragon juice! I couldn't help myself, I had to have on.... Well two. I'll deff keep you posted on the taste, but this looks to be mission impossible for a non skool night.

September 2008 - I recently tried this stuff thank you very much Anon. comment poster... and it tastes like crap!! Sparks... how could I doubt you?!?!?

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Alright sports fans, you have seen me do a little partying, a little going out, etc. None of it really shocks you anymore, right? Right! Well, allow me to introduce my most recent bender..... the month of July! Omg... Going out a little here and there is one thing (I'm not complaining by the way - I had a blast) but I spent almost every day out. Almost every school night and party night… out and about. Movies, bars, restaurants, parties, happy hours, you name it… I was there!! Grand total for this recent one month bender?? Approx $2,000!!!!

You might be saying to yourself…. Holy sh!t?!?!?!? Isn't that a bit out of control? Why yes, yes it is! So, until further notice, I'm grounded!! I'm not sure what that really entails, but damn I can't keep having months like that over and over again, that's for sure! Fun or no, I can't spend like a rock star even if I CAN party like one!!

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