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OMG... Death March?

Ok, let it be known that I'm not a very strong distance runner. I've said it once, and I'll say it again, my body type/frame is built for speed not distance. But, never the less, I'm deff out for the run yesterday (after a quick stop over at the pre-game & then doing sign in off course) and this trail just keeps going and going and going and going! During the fun wooded sections when everyone is together, everyone is working to solve the checks, that's a lot of fun!! But soon, the pack spreads out quite a bit and it's just a straight run. This is not nearly as much fun in my opinion. Never the less, we must continue. So 1 mile goes by, 2, 3, 3.5 - a beer check! Oh thank god!! I'm ready to wuss out to the walkers trail!! Right? WRONG! This'd be a runners only bc, only a few more miles to the next bc!! Oooph... Well, off through the woods I go to keep layin down the miles. And then, the moment of truth... a Creek crossing!! Well, I think there's a bridge off to the right somewhere, let's check it out. Another half mile or so we find a bridge, buuut everyone else went off in the opposite direction. Drat!! It's all good, there was some fun company on trail to talk to who also didn't want to end up with wet funky shoes. I think we called this the chicken split... It's not a Turkey, it's not an Eagle... Chicken! Yeah that's it! Maybe a Turducken split?
Ok, so fiiiiiiiinally, I get to the second bc just in time for the pack to be heading off. So, I drag a$$ to follow the pack off. I'm sooooooooooooooooooo thrilled when we finally come to the end. I think the total distance for me including my Turducken split and getting lost was close to 7mi, but then again I suck at judging distances. I know it was b/t 5-7 miles.
Moving on, the circle was excellent, the beverages flowed freely, the people fun, and the naming most excellent!! What comes next on such a night? The bar, duh!!! We hit the big Hunt and pretty much take it over!! Well, the patio anyways. I heard a few people grumbling that we must be a cult as they left the patio. Nooooo.... well.... nooo! The night time is the right time!(think oooold Adam Sandler CD) A few rounds and a Pizza later, there went the metro, there went everyone else... Damn you Big Hunt!! There's just enough time to hit the iHop and become *that* table of rowdy idiots, have a bite and call it a night. Ok, the alarm goes off in 3 hours... wish me luck!!
Good times.

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At Fri Jul 18, 02:05:00 PM EDT, Blogger Cortney said...

Turducken, huh?!?!? I almost pissed my pants laughing!!!


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