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Nice nite to be topless

As many of you may know, I've had a good deal of stuff going on in my life in the past few months. Some good, some bad, some... well, just stuff. I like to clear my head with a nice drive but I've been so busy going out lately that I really haven't given myself any time to do this loved by me activity. Lucky me, I couldn't think of a better night then Saturday night. We met up around 630ish to see the new Batman flick (I might talk about it in another post) and would you believe we didn't get outta the movie and leave the theater until midnight?? Well, being as I'm a sickie right now, read the previous post of you are confused by this, I'm pulling DD duty to any who want. I drop off a friend on king street, another in Balston, and yet a third in Alexandria. But the night is still young (not really, it's 130am) and I want to go for a short spin. Did I mention I have my top off for all of this? Well I do!
The night was perfect, mostly clear sky with a few clouds. The occasional breeze and around 82 degrees out. True it was a little humid, but that's not spoiling my night. I almost felt like Forrest Gump for a minute there. I thought I go to Springfield, and when I got there, I just kept going, Dale City for some fuel, then kept on going. When I was thirsty, I stopped for a drink, when I got to a dead end, I turned around and kept going. So, I just drove with some great tunes for hours. I didn't see the time pass, I didn't see the miles go by, just the night sky around me. Drove past the lights of the city... I saw them dim in the distance of my rear view mirror.
It was so peaceful, so beautiful out, so nice being one with the night... I wish I had a better vocabulary to describe it. Only 2 things could have made this night better.... 1. a little less humidity, and 2. Having taken the doors off my jeep prior to driving.
If you've never tried it, make friends with someone who owns a jeep and try it. If the person who owns the jeep is being a weenie, hand them an socket wrench with an u joint and an 11mm metric socket to pull those doors off!! This is literally, as close as you'll get to riding a bike as you can get with out actually riding. There's a small map of my route displayed below. I guess I covered over 100 miles just around here. What an amazing way to spend the wee hours of the night.


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