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More Movies?

Yes, there are so many good summer movies out there, I'm trying to take in as many as I can!! I recently saw the new Batman movie on opening weekend. I'm not one to go to opening weekend of anything as I don't really care to fight the crowds…I mean I'll go to see an opening weekend of a movie at the dollar theater, but even that's pushing it! This whole bit was actually kind of cool. A handful of us got together for a bite and a couple rounds before hand. A few others went on ahead to get in line… in line for a 9pm movie at 730!!! Insane? A little, but you know, hanging out in line then getting our choice of seats in a huge theater was really cool!
The movie itself? Out of 10 people that went, I was the only one that wasn't crazy about it. Ok, plenty of cool effects, plenty of good acting, it's just that the movie was sooooooo long. 2.5 hours. At some point, I was just shouting kill him already!! Well… I guess not shouting, but it might as well have been in a quiet theater. So, let's sum up: The film was well made, but I did not enjoy it. I did, however, enjoy the over all evening and experience. I would totally go see another movie with a group of friends on opening weekend.

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