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I no Kung Fu

This weekend finds me dealing with a ton of media in one way or another. To start off my Friday afternoon I helped format a Multi Media PC and get it ready for sale. The guys who bought it got a great deal. And, I even made a few bucks on it. Nice! So, with cash in hand, it's time to head out for the night. I find my self in Balston Mall… yes, again!! Doing a little Chevy's happy hour. Wow… this bar is packed and the poor bartender looks like she's about had enough of EVERYONE. Yeah, I was right. About 30 seconds later, There's a loud glass shatter on the floor next to the server well, and even a few pieces of glass bouncing off my hand at the bar. Man, she's pissed…. Well, I'm just not one of those customers who'll pitch a fit about that sort of thing, so I just pull the glass out of my hand and keep on drinking. What? The glass was a small piece, and most importantly I've had nights just like that. I know!!

So, a few rounds later, it's KUNG FU PANDA time!! This movie was cool - I guess this would count as Visual Media? Very funny indeed. The charecters were good, plot was interesting, and the voices/animation was all very well done. I bet it tears up the DVD stands. Well, it's post movie time, how about another round? Sounds great!! Ever been to Piola? Excellent Pizza and VERY nice happy hour. They just have food circulating the bar all the time. Kind of like a fun little cocktail party. I enjoyed my snacks and hanging out there. Although, being next door to Café Asia might give me whip lash!! Ever time the door opens and I hear that music coming out of a trendy Asian Bistro, I'm instantly drawn to it!! Hmmm….. Maybe another night. Well, it's late, let's get at least a few hours sleep!!

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