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Diet Coke, How to Guide

Ok, anyone who's met me know's I'm a big fan of the Diet Coke, hell I even wrote about it in a previous post. And every time someone gets up and says "hey, anyone want anything?" my answer is always the same: "Large Diet Coke". Clearly, I'm either tooooo picky, or this is a difficult concept, or they don't actually want to get me anything even though they offered. The last issue isn't something I can fix. But the first two items, I'll address in the steps to follow. With out further delay, how to get me a diet coke. In this example, we'll get a Diet Coke from McDonald's.
  1. At this point, it's assumed that you have offered to get something for people in the office or where you are hanging out, have taken orders and walked to the McDonald's.
  2. Step up to the plate and order a Large Diet Coke.

  3. Pay the cashier and get your cup. A receipt is optional. As of July 2008 in Arlington, VA this will cost $1.84.

  4. Dispense Ice into the cup you just received until the cup is b/t 65-70% full of ice.

  5. Fill your cup that currently contains b/t 65-70% ice the rest of the way up with Diet Coke.

  6. Apply the CORRECT sized lid that is designed for the cup. I can't harp on this enough, the wrong lid can lead to disaster when it comes to transporting the goods back.

  7. Please make sure to bring a straw back as well to help maximize the enjoyment of this beverage.


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