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Anyone that has met me, or even just read this blog for a few posts may have picked up on the fact that I like to socialize. And by socialize I mean happy hours, parties, dinner….namely, things that involve good people, good conversation, baaaad jokes, and a couple of rounds with friends. Then it should come to no surprise that I've sampled many a drink far and wide. I've gone through phases where I've mostly loved Sapphire & Tonic, times of only Crown & Ginger, times where I drank only 40's that cost $0.79 each (and got pissed off when they went up to $0.89 thank you very much), and even times (I'm ashamed to say) where St. Ide's was my drink of choice.
Yikes that that last one… kind of makes me shiver!! The point is, I know booze, I know my limit, and I know how my body handles it. So, you can imagine that it came as a complete shock to me that I had ONE glass of Merlot yesterday and fell sound asleep approx 30 minutes later. WTF?!?! I mean seriously, I've polished off…. Well, I don't want to divulge too much, but needless to say one glass of wine is just mind boggling for me. I'm speechless. Clearly, Merlot is my party/happy hour/going out Kryptonite.
Well, it's better to know what it is and stay away from it than not to know at all, right? Right. Don't even get me started on Tequila!!!

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Anyone who has met me knows I like to stream line everything. From processes at work, to finances, to travel….basically I like to make everything simple. By that same token, I've been getting rid of TONS of stuff so that when it comes time to move, I'll have much much less to deal with. Between selling off the world on craigslist to donating goods to the Goodwill, I've been able to part with (in no specific order)…

So, what's left you might be asking yourself? Well, let's take inventory. When I move, I'll be taking with me…
Yeah, I think it's going to be an easy move.

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More Movies?

Yes, there are so many good summer movies out there, I'm trying to take in as many as I can!! I recently saw the new Batman movie on opening weekend. I'm not one to go to opening weekend of anything as I don't really care to fight the crowds…I mean I'll go to see an opening weekend of a movie at the dollar theater, but even that's pushing it! This whole bit was actually kind of cool. A handful of us got together for a bite and a couple rounds before hand. A few others went on ahead to get in line… in line for a 9pm movie at 730!!! Insane? A little, but you know, hanging out in line then getting our choice of seats in a huge theater was really cool!
The movie itself? Out of 10 people that went, I was the only one that wasn't crazy about it. Ok, plenty of cool effects, plenty of good acting, it's just that the movie was sooooooo long. 2.5 hours. At some point, I was just shouting kill him already!! Well… I guess not shouting, but it might as well have been in a quiet theater. So, let's sum up: The film was well made, but I did not enjoy it. I did, however, enjoy the over all evening and experience. I would totally go see another movie with a group of friends on opening weekend.

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The List!

Recently, I got into a discussion about a certain 'list'. We all know what it is, we all have one. It's a list of Celebrities that you'd like to sleep with. Shallow? Sure. But come on, like this is really gonna happen? (it might and dammnit and I'm gonna be ready!!)

Anyways, for the single folks, this is just a list of Celebrity hook ups that'd be fun. For married/dating folks... this list is sooooo much more important. These are your wild cards. If they show up at your door step, your other half can either watch or participate (HOTTTTTTTTT!) but can't get mad as she's probably got a list of her own.

With out further adieu, my list!

You gotta scroll a little... the code is being a pain in my a$$!!

1. Tea Leoni - what's not to love? She's amazing in every role she plays and with abs like hers, I wouldn't even know what to do with her!!
2. Salli Richards (this picture doesn't do her justice. Click on it to see the full size version)
3. Jennifer Aniston - wow! Based on this picture, I think she'll be moving up a notch or two asap!!
4. Jessica Alba - nuff said!
5. Courtney Cox - damn she's an evil B!tch in Dirt....and I can't get enough!!
This list is subject to change any time I feel like it! Ha! Suck it rules!!


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Nice nite to be topless

As many of you may know, I've had a good deal of stuff going on in my life in the past few months. Some good, some bad, some... well, just stuff. I like to clear my head with a nice drive but I've been so busy going out lately that I really haven't given myself any time to do this loved by me activity. Lucky me, I couldn't think of a better night then Saturday night. We met up around 630ish to see the new Batman flick (I might talk about it in another post) and would you believe we didn't get outta the movie and leave the theater until midnight?? Well, being as I'm a sickie right now, read the previous post of you are confused by this, I'm pulling DD duty to any who want. I drop off a friend on king street, another in Balston, and yet a third in Alexandria. But the night is still young (not really, it's 130am) and I want to go for a short spin. Did I mention I have my top off for all of this? Well I do!
The night was perfect, mostly clear sky with a few clouds. The occasional breeze and around 82 degrees out. True it was a little humid, but that's not spoiling my night. I almost felt like Forrest Gump for a minute there. I thought I go to Springfield, and when I got there, I just kept going, Dale City for some fuel, then kept on going. When I was thirsty, I stopped for a drink, when I got to a dead end, I turned around and kept going. So, I just drove with some great tunes for hours. I didn't see the time pass, I didn't see the miles go by, just the night sky around me. Drove past the lights of the city... I saw them dim in the distance of my rear view mirror.
It was so peaceful, so beautiful out, so nice being one with the night... I wish I had a better vocabulary to describe it. Only 2 things could have made this night better.... 1. a little less humidity, and 2. Having taken the doors off my jeep prior to driving.
If you've never tried it, make friends with someone who owns a jeep and try it. If the person who owns the jeep is being a weenie, hand them an socket wrench with an u joint and an 11mm metric socket to pull those doors off!! This is literally, as close as you'll get to riding a bike as you can get with out actually riding. There's a small map of my route displayed below. I guess I covered over 100 miles just around here. What an amazing way to spend the wee hours of the night.


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These past few weeks I've had a bit of a sore throat, but really haven't thought much of it. Today, it's really hurting much worse then usual and the coughing up blood with out being in a fist fight first really kind of gets my eyebrow raised. So, I'm doing the unthinkable… going to the doctor!!! They were SUPER nice. Not just one or two, but everyone. The front desk girl, the nurse, the other nurse, the doc. Wow!! Long story short, I have bronchitis. Not the end of the world, I just have to take some antibiotics and NO drinking. A little? No! None! Well, it's cool, I need a break anyway.

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I no Kung Fu

This weekend finds me dealing with a ton of media in one way or another. To start off my Friday afternoon I helped format a Multi Media PC and get it ready for sale. The guys who bought it got a great deal. And, I even made a few bucks on it. Nice! So, with cash in hand, it's time to head out for the night. I find my self in Balston Mall… yes, again!! Doing a little Chevy's happy hour. Wow… this bar is packed and the poor bartender looks like she's about had enough of EVERYONE. Yeah, I was right. About 30 seconds later, There's a loud glass shatter on the floor next to the server well, and even a few pieces of glass bouncing off my hand at the bar. Man, she's pissed…. Well, I'm just not one of those customers who'll pitch a fit about that sort of thing, so I just pull the glass out of my hand and keep on drinking. What? The glass was a small piece, and most importantly I've had nights just like that. I know!!

So, a few rounds later, it's KUNG FU PANDA time!! This movie was cool - I guess this would count as Visual Media? Very funny indeed. The charecters were good, plot was interesting, and the voices/animation was all very well done. I bet it tears up the DVD stands. Well, it's post movie time, how about another round? Sounds great!! Ever been to Piola? Excellent Pizza and VERY nice happy hour. They just have food circulating the bar all the time. Kind of like a fun little cocktail party. I enjoyed my snacks and hanging out there. Although, being next door to Café Asia might give me whip lash!! Ever time the door opens and I hear that music coming out of a trendy Asian Bistro, I'm instantly drawn to it!! Hmmm….. Maybe another night. Well, it's late, let's get at least a few hours sleep!!

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OMG... Death March?

Ok, let it be known that I'm not a very strong distance runner. I've said it once, and I'll say it again, my body type/frame is built for speed not distance. But, never the less, I'm deff out for the run yesterday (after a quick stop over at the pre-game & then doing sign in off course) and this trail just keeps going and going and going and going! During the fun wooded sections when everyone is together, everyone is working to solve the checks, that's a lot of fun!! But soon, the pack spreads out quite a bit and it's just a straight run. This is not nearly as much fun in my opinion. Never the less, we must continue. So 1 mile goes by, 2, 3, 3.5 - a beer check! Oh thank god!! I'm ready to wuss out to the walkers trail!! Right? WRONG! This'd be a runners only bc, only a few more miles to the next bc!! Oooph... Well, off through the woods I go to keep layin down the miles. And then, the moment of truth... a Creek crossing!! Well, I think there's a bridge off to the right somewhere, let's check it out. Another half mile or so we find a bridge, buuut everyone else went off in the opposite direction. Drat!! It's all good, there was some fun company on trail to talk to who also didn't want to end up with wet funky shoes. I think we called this the chicken split... It's not a Turkey, it's not an Eagle... Chicken! Yeah that's it! Maybe a Turducken split?
Ok, so fiiiiiiiinally, I get to the second bc just in time for the pack to be heading off. So, I drag a$$ to follow the pack off. I'm sooooooooooooooooooo thrilled when we finally come to the end. I think the total distance for me including my Turducken split and getting lost was close to 7mi, but then again I suck at judging distances. I know it was b/t 5-7 miles.
Moving on, the circle was excellent, the beverages flowed freely, the people fun, and the naming most excellent!! What comes next on such a night? The bar, duh!!! We hit the big Hunt and pretty much take it over!! Well, the patio anyways. I heard a few people grumbling that we must be a cult as they left the patio. Nooooo.... well.... nooo! The night time is the right time!(think oooold Adam Sandler CD) A few rounds and a Pizza later, there went the metro, there went everyone else... Damn you Big Hunt!! There's just enough time to hit the iHop and become *that* table of rowdy idiots, have a bite and call it a night. Ok, the alarm goes off in 3 hours... wish me luck!!
Good times.

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What I learned on the 4th...

To put it simply... If you start your Thursday Happy hour like this...

Then start your Fourth of July Party day like this....

The following day, no matter what you are doing, will start off like this...

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Diet Coke, How to Guide

Ok, anyone who's met me know's I'm a big fan of the Diet Coke, hell I even wrote about it in a previous post. And every time someone gets up and says "hey, anyone want anything?" my answer is always the same: "Large Diet Coke". Clearly, I'm either tooooo picky, or this is a difficult concept, or they don't actually want to get me anything even though they offered. The last issue isn't something I can fix. But the first two items, I'll address in the steps to follow. With out further delay, how to get me a diet coke. In this example, we'll get a Diet Coke from McDonald's.
  1. At this point, it's assumed that you have offered to get something for people in the office or where you are hanging out, have taken orders and walked to the McDonald's.
  2. Step up to the plate and order a Large Diet Coke.

  3. Pay the cashier and get your cup. A receipt is optional. As of July 2008 in Arlington, VA this will cost $1.84.

  4. Dispense Ice into the cup you just received until the cup is b/t 65-70% full of ice.

  5. Fill your cup that currently contains b/t 65-70% ice the rest of the way up with Diet Coke.

  6. Apply the CORRECT sized lid that is designed for the cup. I can't harp on this enough, the wrong lid can lead to disaster when it comes to transporting the goods back.

  7. Please make sure to bring a straw back as well to help maximize the enjoyment of this beverage.


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