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Schooools out 4 summa!

So, classes are finally done!! I know I know, it was only 6 weeks, but the 530-1030 class.... that's just icky!! Even if it was a class about something that I find interesting, 5 hours is just more then my ADD self can pay attention to.
But the professor was very interesting, and I found him quite humorous actually. When you combine his heavy accent, his strange sense of humor, and his ability to be really indifferent to a lot of things = one funny a$$ dude! My final project, shocker here, was about my Jeep. He said make a web site, and a website I made. I thought it was pretty cool, had plenty of links for mod's and mod companies, pictures, music and even a video.
So, over all, taking Web Design was well worth it for me. I might not build any amazing sites, but I know enough so that I can put something together if I need it and also be able to look at other peoples code to fix it. I would recommend this as an interesting step into HTML for anyone that has any amount of interest. And for only $250 for the class... you can't go wrong!

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