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One Month In

Recon PackSo here I am, one month into my new Job. Things are going well, the close proximity to everything sure has been nice. Instead of having to get in my ride and drive somewhere to get ANYTHING as was the case at my old place of employment, I just take the elevator and walk. Everything is a walk here. In fact, i don't think I've walked this much on a daily basis since I was in college!!
It's nice, and hopefully this additional exercise, will help me tone up just a smidge or at the very least, offset some of the energy I'm not burning while sitting on my a$$ at work. To go with that, I've gotten myself a new Recon pack that I'm really enjoying. It has chest straps which help distribute the weight... a very appreciated feature if you find yourself walking a decent amount with a pack every day.
I'm also taking some web design classes which I've found very interesting. The professor is a very funny guy who cracks himself up a lot!! Reminds me of someone... I just can't quite put my finger on it... Learning how to read and write HTML I think is a useful skill, one that will prob be very useful for more then just updating Wiki pages and posting stuff on Craigslist I hope. I'm not certain how deep into this computer stuff I'll delve, but for now, I'm enjoying it. Although 5 hour classes are tough to stay focused. So far, we've had 2 classes, the 3rd is the mid term?? Wow... that was fast!!
To help stimulate the economy, I've been shopping!!! In addition to my new recon pack, I've picked up a Sony VAOI to replace my previous laptop. Got an excellent deal on you haven't checked it out,! ...well, soon. So the new VAIO is on order with a new case for it and an iPod Touch. Honestly, I'm probably going to sell off the iPod Touch, I just don't see the use for it in my life. I can see that it's a great gizmo/tool/whatever, but I just don't need it. Between my 8gb nano and shuffle I'm all iPod'd up! The strange thing to me is, I ordered it all at the same time, the laptop bag is arriving at my house today but the laptop hasn't even shipped out yet. WTF? Doesn't make much sense to me. Well, at least I'm getting my money back for my Rush Processing that ended up being not rushed at all. I had hopes of it getting here as soon as tomorrow, but at this point, I doubt it. I'm sure I'll enjoy it when it gets here.
The Audi is FINALLY gone. For those of you that were following it, it took almost a year and a lawyer to get Audi to offset taking it off my hands. And all the time, Audi of Alexandria fought the process. I might one day buy another Audi, but I will never do business with Audi of Alexandria. I urge you all to be wary of that whole dealership group.
The Jeep is running well and is looking forward to an upcoming lift... nothing major, just a 2-2.5" boost. But I think when you get that boost and the new 31's AND the new rock guards in place of my side steps that are currently there, it'll really look much much better. I'll post some pix when the upgrades are complete.
I really do plan to update more consistently... I started out posting daily, maybe even twice a day some days, and now I can barely write something once a month? Hmmm... I need to pencil in some time to jot some thoughts down here more often.

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