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Boating Season...

So I won't call it a super bad night, but over all it was an excellent night. I got to Georgetown right around 8pm to find a packed dock with boats tied up, people walking the docks from all directions, and even some crazy chick driving her Honda Fit on the sidewalk?? Well, she missed me so the night must go on. Everyone's brought some food for the grill to share, so we get to cooking. What a feast! Amazing chicken, fresh veggies, ears of corn...followed by steak, steak, and more steak. Just when you thought nothing else could come off the grill, here are some crab legs for you as well.
Clearly, it's getting late at this point and the cops are trying to kick everyone off the dock. We can't, we're tied down to too many boats, right? Wrong! I take the outside boat up river for a minute to give the others time to turn around and join the group anchored down in the middle of the river. We all tie off, and we are back to hangin out like it's our jobs.
Everything is going great, the snacks continue to roll off the grill, there's great music and even a little dancing. Great folks to talk to, everyone is having a great time... aaaaaaaand then the cops show up. Yeah, in the middle of the damned water?!?!? Wow, that blows. Our fearless captain is cuffed for no reason, and the rest of us are getting kicked off. Luckily, we can catch a ride with another boat to shore.
Time to call it a night?? I think not!! Let's head to Five to close the place down!! All in all, a nice night out.... now, if I could only sleep the next day to make up for the sleep I haven't gotten! O well, sleep when your dead, right?

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