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What's Up?

Soooo... I haven't written anything in a minute, let's recap on what's been up. I got laid off from work, and basically sat on my a$$ for a few weeks. It's amazing when you are busy, you get tons of things done. When you do nothing, you feel like there's no time to do anything, a very strange feeling to me.
For a while, I was job hunting at my headquarters...aka Panera Bread, then I got my hands on some guitar hero to see what all the hype was about, and then just as I was getting into that Guitar Hero, I got a new job offer. O well, that's that. So, I'm back to work, but the commute is sooooooooooo much better... no more driving to MD for me!

Ok, seriously, why would you leave an ad for a device in the comments? What a waste of both of our time!

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