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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

What’s the good word?

So, I haven’t really written much other then my weekly motivational emails with some tasty recipies in them for the past little while b/c I’ve been a combination of 2 parts busy, and 1 part lazy. I’ll give you one guess which part of that equation has changed for today? Anyways, where to begin…

We’ve been having issues with our neighbors at the new place. One to the left likes to play loud music late into the night or just so damn loud at other times that I can hear it clearly in the bathroom on the opposite side of the apt!! Now, I’m a fan of loud music and all that, but that’s just a bit much! Our neighbors above are no better. I’m found wondering, out of all the good folks in that must live in the building, how the hell have we managed to get sandwiched b/t two serious pains in the a$$’s? What are the odds? Well, I believe one of the people in question isn’t going to be renewing her lease. With her out of the picture, it’s my hope that things will be a little more peaceful.

I’m finally getting to use one of my birthday gifts this weekend by going to Jeep Jamboree. I think it’ll be a great time! 7 hours of trail riding/day and plenty of talkin' about jeeps with everyone! I just hope one of those new 4 door Wranglers isn’t in my trail group. YUK!!! I still can’t believe they make those things in 2wd?!? WTF?

The TV’s are providing quality entertainment. And as I’ve been sick for the past few days, they have clearly gotten plenty of use. I guess I have the flue or something that’s going around. It sucks, but the average is 3 colds/flue per year per person. So, I guess I’m payin my dues. I just hope I’m well in time to go this weekend… This’ll be my first trip anywhere this calendar year. How exciting! I hope the Jeep is up for it! I’ve already got my 3’ CB antenna ready to go!

The issues continue with the Audi. So far, there is a trial date set for June. I hope they really don’t intend to take it to court, but they’ve dragged it out this long, why not at this point, right? Hopefully, we’ll have a settlement sooner then later to go ahead and resolve this problem. All I have to say is, BE WARE OF AUDI OF ALEXANDRIA.

A & I have had some great dinner and happy hour outings recently, esp. a happy hour at Clyde’s that started at the first happy hour (630) and ended at the second happy hour (1ish) followed by a little Bond on the 'ol N64!! That’s right, we brought it back! We’ve been enjoying plenty of Outback take out…damn that’s good ranch!! Good times!

Well, that might not be all that’s going on with me, but that’s all I’m writin' about for now!

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