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The year of the Rat

Well, 2007 has come and gone to make way for 2008. The holiday's were good. I saw my first peaceful Christmas day since I was a little kid. No crazy relatives, no 10pm xmas dinners, no long pain in the a$ commutes. Needless to say it was very nice!
New years was spent down in Charlottesville with some friends and a guy trying to jump some ridiculous distance on his dirt bike(on TV). It woulda been really cool if he'd just jumped it at midnight, buuuuut I guess he was in Vegas, so he gets a 3 hour time change window. All in all, it was a good trip with good eats, good drinks, and good friends.
I do want to take a minute to send a quick up yours to Nintendo & the a$$holes that sell Wii's on eBay, you know who you are. First off, Nintendo, Send the USA some damned Wii's!!!! Notice how the iPod is a hot product, but there are plenty of them in Apple Stores/Best Buys?? It is possible to still have a hot product with plenty of it available! Second, a special F*** You to the people that go to the stores, buy out all the Wii's and sell them on ebay. If you don't want one for yourself, why would you buy it just so the guy behind you can't have one? I hope this back fires on you people at a later date!! Like the guy in front of you took that last kidney b/c it looked pretty while you needed it to save your life! Well, that's a little harsh and it's also weird to compare selling a Wii on ebay to needing a kidney, but you get the idea.
That all being said, Happy New year!! Bring on the year of the Rat. Bring on material prosperity, wealth, charm, and order. May 2008 bring everyone everything they had hoped for and more!

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At Tue Jan 08, 07:05:00 PM EST, Blogger Robin said...

I got my Wii from CostCo. :)


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