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Happy Birthday to Me!

Ok, I'm deff. getting old!! One more year and I'll have to change the description of this blog. Yikes! I never thought I'd see 30 to be honest with you, but that's what growing old is all about. At 18, 30 seems like time to retire!! Looking back on it, 30 beating down my door doesn't really feel that old. Besides, I'm not there quite yet!! For a nice birthday dinner, my mother took me & A. out to dinner at Ruth's Chris. Very tasty!! The prices are more then a little outrageous, but I think this is more of an experience then it is just a meal. 11th floor panoramic view over looking the Potomac and the air port. Very nice. The steaks are prepared very well, very tender. Great service, and excellent deserts. The price IS steep, but I think everyone should try it atleast once in their lives.
Instead of a conventional birthday bash, or last years limo dive bar hopping, we tagged up with everyone at the EWH3 AGM. Good times, cheap booze and expensive cab rides!! After a few games of flip cup, we were encouraged to leave by a less then friendly bouncer. Ok, no prob, I'll call it a night. But I maintain that the bouncer was a complete A-hole!!
Gift giving treated me very well this year. I got 2 gift certificates to go to Jeep Jamboree this year! Score! I've always wanted to go & I bet this'll be a killer trip! My other big present is a combination of all my family chipping in a little bit (and I picked up the diff) was a 42" LCD 1080p HDTV from Toshiba. This thing kicks a$$!! It really didn't look all that big in the store, but in the bedroom it almost feels like having a movie theater in bed!! To celebrate, we (me & A.) geeked out & had a StarWars-a-thon all day Sunday! Soooo lazy was our Sunday that we actually picked up take out for dinner still wearing our PJ's!!
All in all, it was a good birthday weekend. True, a little quieter then last year, but deff a good one.

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