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Random Thoughts...

So, this is the crap that has been on my mind today:
  1. Why would you have a wheelchair accessible restroom on the second floor of a building with no elevators?
  2. Landrover & Jag are being purchased by a car company from India. Their finest car is reminiscent of a 1988 Hyundai Excel. Good bye Landrover & Jag. You had a good run.
  3. How is it that a White House press release stating 12.24.07 is a federal holiday doesn't actually apply to most of the country?
  4. Why does it take 30 minutes to get donuts from Dunkin Donuts? Put random ones in the box - clearly much more difficult then I think.
  5. Happy Holiday's to all!!!
  6. Clearly, I haven't thought much today.

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