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Mo Money Mo Problems...

I'm finally starting to believe this statement is true. Let us assume that when I graduated college, I made X amount of money. I am currently make Y amount of money. Let us also assume that Z > Y > X. When I was making X amount of money, I was struggling and thinking, you know, if I only made Y amount of money, life would be good, there would be no stress and the bills would all just magically disappear. The heavens would part and champagne would rain on us all... ok, maybe not that excessive, but just that life would be easier.
Fast forward to today, I make Y amount of money and life is no easier. In fact, I think on the days when I made X amount of money as easier times. As I am at Y amount, I am in a unique position. I know it is foolish to think that making Z amount of money will be the answer, I simultaneously recall that making X money was an easier life yet I know it wasn't.
Hmmmm... I could cop out and blame the gas prices on making life hard, but they have kind of flip flopped with my auto insurance premium as I've gotten older - so overall, no savings. The day is still good, but such is the dilemma of life. Every time you get a raise, life is easier for a little while, then you are back to your dilemma. The best thing you can do for yourself is live like you make X amount while making Z amount. That keeps you best prepared with cash on hand in case anything happens.
Am I financially screwed right now? No. Am I loaded? HELLLLL no! But, just like my grandfather, my goal is to make enough to live comfortably, take care of the people around me, have a little left over to help out my community and buy myself something shiny from time to time!

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