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Long time no post...

So, it's been a while since I've written anything. Mostly b/c, well, what can really follow up my last post? The way I've always viewed this blog is it's a record of what I've been up to. To me, it just doesn't seem fair not to write anything now does it? Even though the posts may not be as significant as the previous, the posts must go on!
Well, let's recap. As the last post said, my grandfather passed away almost 2 months ago. Since then, there has been much travel on family affairs going to services. Everyone has had nothing but great things to say about him, so truely a loss. I just cannot believe how hard this must be on my grandmother... think about it... your best friend, husband, partner in life for the past 57(I think it's 57 years) is now just gone. True there was much sympathy from friends & family, there were wonderful services, but none of that changes the fact that he is no longer with us among the living. I would like to believe that he is still with us in spirit, and perhaps even looking over us.
In addition to the family travel, we have been pretty busy actually. It seems every week and weekend there has been something going on for the past few months if not longer!! Let's recap events in reverse...
Today - Heading out to the Capital's vs. Sabre's Ice Hockey game.
Past Month - Capital's vs. Hurricane's Ice Hockey, Thanksgiving in Chapel Hill, The Bodies exhibit in Pittsburgh PA, we've had some cool house guests up at our new place, both my mom's parents had birthday's, hit a couple of happy hours, went to see Hank III & The Reverend Horton Heat, out to dinner more times then I want to count, I had a guest bar tending shift @ the bar, & my jeep turned 30,000 miles! I'm not sure if that looks like a lot going on or not, but it really feels busy to me.

We discovered our neighborhood bar is ummm... well, diverse. It really is! Some days, it's all hip hop/R&B or Reggae, other times it's just a quite place to grab a bite, other times it's a Steelers bar. They claim to be a lounge/internet cafe too? Ummm.... I haven't seen one computer in that place. It's a bar, I don't know who they are kidding!! Anyways, the pic here is when we hit the bar to check it out the first time. There was a prom-esque photo set up to get pictures taken. I was able to trade a shot of Hennessey for a picture for all four of us. Not a bad deal!! Yeah, that does say "A Touch of Class" in the background, airbrushed on a flat bed sheet to add that extra special something! And yes, I know, before you say anything, I've deff put on a few pounds. But the gym is my friend, and those will come back off!!

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