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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

Wassa Happenin?

Ok, there has been ALOT going on in my life in the past few months & today I'm compelled to write about it. First off (in case you have not spoken to me this year!!), Angela & I are doing very well. Our lease expires in the next few months & we are currently hunting another residence. Maybe an apartment, maybe a rental house, we'll see what we can find in the crazy housing market that is the DC metro area!
I've started my new job with NASA which is just silly cool!! I just would NEVER have thought I'd be working for NASA, but... WOW! What a cool opportunity! The campus here is pretty big, but based on the barbed wire fences and the guys with guns at the gates, I'm pretty sure my car is finally parked in a safe location!! The office crew are very friendly, but since they rarely have new employees (I think the newest one before me has been here about a year) every one seems a little cliquish. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I've had to eat lunch alone. Well, no big... lunch feels much more relaxing this way!
With this new job, I've now quite both the DoS & the bar gig. This marks the first time not working in food service in some capacity in roughly (+/- some breaks) 12 years!! Also, it's the first time that I've found myself working just one job since moving to DC!
In all the transition of jobs, and due to the increase of my highway commute, I've leased a new Audi A4 2.0T Quattro 6MT sedan. Yeah, I know, long title. It's a very quick, spacious, and good looking car. Mine is black on black... imagine that? The best part is, even though it is all wheel drive, if you baby it on the highway, you can get almost 600 miles to the tank!!! I won't go into some of the complications of this first month, but I will say that I've spent PLENTY of time in an Audi loaner with an automatic transmission. I strongly recommend the manual tranny! It is quicker, more fun, gets better fuel efficiency, and you can even feel the turbo's kick in, while the auto just kind of goes.

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It's August, I just got back from NC & my usual travel around the state. Well, there wasn't much in the way of state travel as there was family time this year. Angela & I hit the roads after waiting out DC rush hour traffic (we clearly did not wait long enough!!). After trudging along for an hour and only making about a 20 mile dent into the trip, we decided to stop for a bit and just let the traffic pass us by. We stopped at the Ponderosa Steak House. I was not previously familiar with this concept, and you might not be either... but if you have ever seen a sign on the highway that says $9.95/20oz T-bone stead, you have some understanding of the quality of this establishment. Maybe I go out to eat too much, maybe I'm a snotty city dweller, call it what you will, but this was the worst dining experience I've had in quite some time. Entree's, buffet, deserts, wait staff... all terrible. Wait, I take that back, the lady at the cash register was very nice, friendly and courteous. I'm not lookin for a super server, but how many times do you need to come by and ask me if I want some tea then not bring any when clearly I do?!?!? What set of circumstances brought together these conditions to make such a terrible meal, I cannot say. What I have learned is that next time I will just go across the street to Wendy's and enjoy some $0.99 chicken nuggets. Please please please people, do not call yourself a steak house if you cannot make a decent steak. It's also just generally in bad form to have a big banner advertising your buffet if it's not actually a tasty or at least ridiculously large buffet!
Ok, enough of that, let's get back on the road. So, we head on with high hopes that all this traffic has passed us by... it would seem that this is not the case. We are stuck in traffic till roughly 11pm from just people trying to get out of town. Well, I can't curse the vacationers as I am one, so I just trudge on. Luckily, I have good company in the car so the 6+ hour ride doesn't seem very long at all. We pull up to the Raleigh Hilton at around 1230ish. Late, but still time to get a few rounds at the bar. I need to digress for a minute, we hit the price line for this hotel and I'll just say this... GREAT hotel, Great price!! I'd deff. stay at this hotel again and I will deff price line again!
So, drop off the bags, and make a bee line for the bar. It's 1,2,3 night. You gotta love NC, evening drink specials to keep the night going!!!
  1. $1 Domestic drafts
  2. $2 Wine by the glass (I think, I stopped listening after $1 beers)
  3. $3 Well Drinks
The bartender was excellent! He ran a large bar by himself, (& server well) and was fast about it all! For some reason, there was a drunk Scotsman in the bar who was all sorts of funny, kept complaining about how his wife's breasts were messing up all his undershirts! Ha!! His dutch friends were funny too. All in all, an excellent night!


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