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9 more days

So, I’m finally quitting my job here that has been the basis for my lack of sleep, unhappiness, you name it if it’s a bad thing in the past few months. Now that I’m on count down, I can even take a few minutes and write something!! I find that there are only a few reactions in this office when people find out. Perhaps this is normal…

  1. “You are quitting?? Congrat’s, good luck, and I can’t believe it has taken you this long!!”
  2. Some people just don’t care, their lives go on.
  3. Some people want me to take me with them.
  4. This last one is by far the most bizarre to me: I’ve been labeled a Traitor by the higher ups for leaving the project. They no longer see any need to speak to me at all. Now, I’m thrilled by the peace and quiet, but do find that reaction to be a little bizarre. If you work your people to death, why the fcuk would be shocked when their staff puts in their notice to quit & go to a better place? Maybe that’s just my take on it.

Today will find me going up to MD to sign all of my paperwork, finalize my acceptance of this job offer. I’m deff very excited about this new opportunity, not to mention taking in my all time fav sushi place!!!


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At Wed Jul 25, 07:05:00 AM EDT, Blogger Late Nite Drive Thru said...

Congrats! Does this mean we might see you at a hash someday?


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