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A retelling of my life in DC and all the stupid ass sh!t I get myself into...

Welcome to DC

So today, I finally feel like I'm an official resident of the city. I got my a$$ towed from my parking garage. Allow me to elaborate on this. I pay $150/month just to park at work (yes it sux and no work doesn't pay for it). They over sell the lot EVERY day then get mad at people who park in no parking zones yet still out of the way of passing vehicles. It would seem it was my time. I wouldn't have even been that mad about it, but the fcuking tow truck people broke into my jeep first, then towed it. I guess that's the official welcome. My first day at WCU, they handed out parking tickets with welcome to WCU printed on them in big letters. That woulda been really sh!tty of them if they weren't kidding and let us all tear up our tix. In this case, it was just really sh!tty of em. Up yours parking garage guy!


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