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So I haven't done two things for a while... 1. Posted here (sorry!) & 2. Cooked. Item one is fixing itself right now as I discuss item two. This past weekend I broke out my knives so to speak to cook for a party. I haven't made much of anything in a few years now, but the chef coat still fits so I figured why not give it a shot. Besides, this is an important birthday party and I'd love to have some great food set it off just so. Here are some brief details...

Ironically, the only item that wasn't devoured on the spot was the Garlic Hummus (the only thing store bought and not freshly prepared). Here are some pix below of the shrimp skewer presentation, a bruschetta plate and me in the kitchen workin! I think I chopped up a ton of garlic (it's good for you AND tasty!!)... as a result, I'm still smellin it today! O well, a small price to pay for everyone enjoying a fine meal!

After this successful dinner(it was VERY VERY heavy orderves), I have truly decided that if I ever do buy a house, I need to get myself a 6 gas burner stove, complete with double oven, a warming oven, and a flat top would be nice too! Coulda really used an extra pair of burners when I was preppin all the shrimp skewers and the fried ravioli while keeping two sauces warm on the back burners at the same time.


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