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'07 Happenins

Happy 2007 Everyone!! What's goin on? I haven't been writing much...again & I'm sorry about that. I'm sorry to you for not giving you anything entertaining to read & I'm sorry to myself b/c I like to go back a year later to re-read my posts... if there are no posts, nuthin to read and then I'll actually have to do work at the office!!
So, what's new? Well, i'm officially a student now!! I went to new student orientation last night with the dean of students. I'm picking up my student ID tonight, so hellllllo student discounts again! Woot! I'll save a buck on the movies if I ever have time to go!! The orientation went very well and I think I’m ready to do this!
Fast forward a few days, and I’ve just logged in to start my first class. It looks like I’ll be spending a lot of time in the library getting this reading done and then reading the lectures, then doing the assignments and then I hope I have a firm enough grasp on the material to contribute something worthwhile to the class discussion. Looking at the syllabus… Already a midterm coming up!?!??! AAAK!!!
I just made my very last Past Debt payment!! That’s a huge deal for me and I’m very excited about not having that extra Lexus payment every month now. I remember when I was 23 I was talking to my manager and him being in this exact same spot of paying off all his back debt when he was about 29 or so. I thought to myself, man, that sucks… I hope I never have to do that!! And here I am, being just as excited a few years of repayment later!
My time with the hash is drawing to a close, I’ve now spent 2 years on EWH3 MM (GM, Hash Kash, Brew Crew, & RA’d a few circles as well) giving hours and hours of my time. It's been a good run & I think i'll reflect on it in another post. I would say I’m not sure what to do with that free time… buuut, classes starting will take up most if not all of it! It’s been a good run, but now I must pass the torch to another round of MM whom I’m sure will take care of the hash just as well if not better then I did.
Next big happening… It’s my birthday coming up and My roommates tomorrow! Come Friday, there will be much rejoicing! I think it’ll be a great time and I’m sure we’ll take over some bar like it’s our job!! What else is up… I’ve just started seeing some one. I think she’s great and so far everything is good… Ask me again in a month and I hope the answers will be the same, but only time will tell. Well, that’s enough ramblings for today. I’ll be busy with classes, but at least at a computer so that I can update more often.

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